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The end of the guess, the derby will be on the Tehelno field on Sunday. Bojkot ultras Trnava lasts – Fortuna liga – Football – Sport

Tehelné pole, goal

The first goal of the new Teheln field in the uncontestable match against Olomouc was shot by Slovan.

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Derby Slovan Bratislava – Spartak Trnava is not threatened and will be held at the new National Football Stadium in Teheln pole at the originally planned date – the closest Sunday from 18.00.

This is the most important conclusion from Tuesday's security meeting, on
which was attended by all interested parties. The first assumption
agreement was the fact that Slovan Bratislava guaranteed the Trnava club
the number of tickets in the amount of five per cent of the capacity,
that Trnava should receive at least a thousand tickets. He originally gave them
Slovan available Spartaku only four.

The participants of the security session were staging a stadium a
they also viewed the most discussed guest sector in which they did the next
adjustments. "We contacted the vendor to make the necessary adjustments
in the sector hosts while maintaining the safety of all fans, "he said
to this problem, the General Director of ŠK Slovan Ivan Kmotrík ml.

to the new stadium on the Tehelnom pole
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Fans at the new stadium tribune
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The host sector will not have a definitive look yet. Once completed, it will
this part of the view from the other tribes separates the safety glass.
The Slovan has already explained on his site that due to delay on the side
the supplier will be only protective mesh on Sunday, the sector will be
in temporary mode.

In addition to the two teams, a delegate of the Slovak delegation also took part in the meeting
football union, representatives of League of League Union, Police Force of SR
and the city Bratislava – Nové Mesto.

Representative of the Union of Leagues Clubs, which manages the highest competition,
confirmed that the stadium is ready to play the first race
meeting. "The stadium is ready for proper use. Nothing prevents
to have a meeting on Sunday, "the executive said
Director of the Union Michal Mertinyak after the Security Council. According to him, it is necessary
just fine-tune some of the little things that came before the meeting
will be checked by SFZ delegate.

National football stadium during check-in
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football stadium during check-in
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Opening match on the Tehelnom pole, which is part of the 21st round
the highest football competition has been sold out for several days. They will see him
but also fans who have missed tickets and throughout the territory
Slovakia. There are even two televisions broadcast in direct transmission

It was originally meant to be on the Orange Sport TV screen only
rights, but after the negotiations, an agreement has been reached and will also appear on RTVS. Her
the broadcast will begin one hour before the kick-off.

The Ultras of Trnava are recovering in a boycott

The Trnavian ultras continue with the informed boycott. Your opinion
to publish the situation on Facebook on the evening.
We will bring it to you in its entirety.

Statement of OZ Bíli Andeli and ULTRASSPARTAK

Today, another security meeting took place with everyone involved
interested parties with the following result
Slovan today gave Trnava 400 tickets with promise of delivery
another 600pcs over the next two days
A ban on chorea (only from non-combustible material)
There is a ban on entering the tribune with any refreshments

After a tour of the established guest space and information
the immediate cleaning of the entire sector, for the least reason, we are
have decided to stay in our position and not take part in this farce, which is
according to our pre-planned information. In our freedom we are glad
we refuse to restrict it by nonsense bans and rules and more
to expose people to a planned hiccup, as according to ours
information will not even allow us to enter the sector early (ie
about half an hour before).

We were looking forward to this trip for a long time. We have ensured trouble-free
Exit with a special train in a number that does not have the equivalent in Slovakia and
the subsequent march to the stadium. We were special to this occasion
sculptors, prepared a choreography. Only thanks to the literally amateur approach of
the organizer's party had to withdraw everything and cancel it. Intermittent a
confusing statements about banning a match, then a fraction of tickets
of the prescribed quota, of the incompetence of our sector, disgust
a lot of sports enthusiasts.

Again we have only convinced that this country is not at all
about fans and football is not far from people. And we definitely reject
to make extraparals who are once limited to go, then it is suddenly
a simple and spontaneous manifestation is forbidden

In conclusion, we want to publicly and sincerely thank Spartaka Trnava, how
and to all those who have tried to resolve the situation. Sorry
the conditions under which we are "allowed" to participate in the match,
are unacceptable to us and we believe that not everyone will understand
fans, recognizing the basic principles of ultras and boilers, but especially,
the players themselves and the implementation team. Believe that even though we will not be in person
present, you have support and continue to have it. And we firmly believe,
that we are soon seeing Teheln pole in the first six.

Bíli Andeli, o.z. and ULTRASSPARTAK

TV Pravda: The new stadium on the Teheln field first introduced
in mid-December last year.

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