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The fateful moments of the Slovak playmaker: He tore it on the rocks, fell 15 meters!


Eva Digit is more likely to be recorded by men than by women. A few years ago, she teased sensual photographs in men's magazines. Nowadays, he does not like such poses and instead devotes himself to his partner Lukash or his own brand of shoes. In addition, the fragile beauty has fun activities. And only one of them got out of control.

Fateful moments of Slovak playmaking:

Source: Andrea Yatsenkova

Eve and her mother were in the hobby of adrenaline. As the blonde confessed, paragliding and flying fell in love. A few days ago, however, something happened that not every enthusiast of the sport prefers. The flight with the instructor went out of control. "We didn't even take off, all of a sudden it pulled us off the rocks," Eva described the details of the incident and revealed what was going through her head at unpleasant moments. "When we fell down these steep cliffs, my only thoughts were to survive. Let's catch up and stop rolling. Let's not overdo it and please don't let my mother see it."

Fateful moments of Slovak playmaking:

Source: Facebook E.C.

However, the couple was very lucky. "After about 15 meters we were able to stand upright and I was afraid that we would not fall any lower with each movement. Fortunately, we have been helped by people who thank me very much. " The beauty of the frightening fall seemed to end only with bruises and bruises, but thanks to an unpleasant experience, she realized how little was enough to change her life day by day.

Fateful moments of Slovak playmaking:

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"With my mother, who came to fly with me, we agreed that these are our last years," concluded Eve, who hung such a risky sport on a nail.

Do you get involved in adrenaline sports?

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