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The first day of the march as a sign of sad and joyful memories – Festivals – Culture

It was a pleasure for us

Zuzana Kronerová (left) and singer Yael Shoshana Cohen from the band Lola March sang the song Cherries together during the show We were 11.


Endless waiting of the shuttle, the building with a torturous tent or wandering around the area. This is also an obligatory annual travel for thousands of visitors to the largest Slovak music festival Pohoda, which is traditionally held at Trenchin Airport. He opened his doors on Thursday, July 11th. And how else than in style.

It seemed at first glance that it was a little on the first day of the festival
resonant currencies and a slightly weaker program. But the opposite was true. the first ones
Speech by Chief Organizer Michal Kashtak and Concert
The Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra provokes strong winter worms.
Another flow of emotion and unforgettable atmosphere was taken over by the Israelis
Lola March band or a rich performance with lots of surprises

The twenty-third year of the festival started a concert dedicated to the victims
the tragedy of ten years ago when they died after the unfortunate fall of the tent
two young people. But this time he was not symbolic on the main stage
in one of the statutes of the festival. Symphony no. 1 by Ilya Zhelenka and others
three songs composed directly to the festival's order.

"You missed it very much," admits the charming singer Yael Shoshan
Cohen by Lola Mart, who opened the main scene after the introduction of the camera
podium and their audience once again as a "cool star"
welcomed. Yael's wonderful voice made thousands of enthusiasts once
– hypnotizing and moving, sometimes dancing stupidly. Snake Pop Elements
India and surf rock alternate and their relationship works well
caress the soul. At the same time, the band enjoyed the fans playing a new one
song. It's officially on Friday with a clip. And to
there were a few, at the end of those who missed last year's concert
in the gallery of the refineries in Bratislava the band was surprised by the song Cherries, which
Yael sings in Slovak with the help of an enthusiastic crowd who moves it
to tears.

The next concert at the next, second largest stage was again
thematic for the upcoming thirtieth anniversary of the Revolution. play
the pioneers of the Czech dungeon and the eternal fighters against totalitarianism
The plastic people of the universe. – I'm glad we can do it today
free festival. The sculptors went on their way to freedom even then
not possible. Their project What does it mean to lead the horse to present them today
known for the fact that after its introduction it is burned out of the pub where the concert is held
Plastikov acted and was told that everyone else was waiting for the same
business where they will play. Therefore, their last appearance for a long time.
They started playing again after 1989, "Kashtak said. Czech
The Philharmonic in Brno led conductor Pavel Schneider.
The unique grouping of musicians has shown a really good avant-garde
difficult to listen, but no one will decide according to the audience's response

Especially the youngest and feminine part of the visitors after the concert sculptures
she returns to the main scene that dominated the British Indians
Rockers The 1975. Up deafening ovations from under the scene at the time of their arrival
the scene is reminiscent of the Beatles' performance on Edo's TV show
Sullivan in 1964. Musically and qualitatively, however, with cults
Errors can not be compared too much. Though they did not offend their crowd, no
far from the impression. He has not even kept an epic projection in connection with
Light show.

But the focus of the evening was a special ninety minutes
Spectacle We were eleven when all the songs of the same name were heard
the 1981 album of the trio Jaro Philip, Milan Lasica and Julius Satinski.
The resumption of the project and its first performance in a unique composition can be seen by viewers
I saw in Pogoda two years ago, but this time the boundaries were moving
even more. "I'm not used to playing with so many people
I'm in a theater where there were up to sixty spectators. Today is right here
organizers more than sixty. Anyway, I'm glad you are
warmly welcomed. I looked around the whole area today and found myself here
the oldest, "Milano Lassita questioned as soon as he arrived on the stage.

During the show there were aging hits such as "Remember Paris", "Convert"
Bird, behind the village or in the backpack, with Michal on stage
Kaščák, Dorota Nvotová, Martin Valichora, Marek Minarik, Bravo Yovus
Martin Vishkovski, Juraj Podmanický from Billy Barman, Lasky from the band
Para, Juraj Benetín from the group of Korben Dallas, Whiskey from the Free Europe group
and other. And as Yael and guitarist Gil Landau of Lola
Obviously, Mart loves the song Cherry, she comes to play her
for the second time, this time the Israeli singer on stage was complemented by Zuzana
Kroner and the audience certainly did not care that in this case they received a repeat.
All musicians took care of an emotional concert filled with fun voices
Milan Lasica and the tear of a piece. At the same time, look at several generations
the fun was truly unforgettable and unique.

The end point of the program was a concert by the British rapper Skeptus, who
made unnecessary modesty authentic old school rap and solid
end the day for which visitors to this year's Pohoda will be long
I remember.

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