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The judge began to act in the case of Dutch and Polish hooligans

Polish and Dutch translators are also present.

July 14, 2019 at 14:35 TASR

Bratislava. The County Court Prosecutor, Bratislava I, began to rule on the charge of the Prosecutor of the Bratislava Public Prosecutor's Office I shortly after 13:00 to seven football fans who had a struggle and riots on Wednesday evening (July 10th) in the center of Bratislava,

Polish and Dutch translators are also present. Accused in front of the courthouse court building, where it is not possible to enter the weekend, the police are escorted not from the main entrance, but from the entrance of the Corvatska Street. from the entrance of the trusteeship institute () VV) and the custodian institution (ÚVTOS).

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There are two police cars in front of the main palace of justice. It is assumed that a non-public session may take several hours.

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The indictment was filed at OS Bratislava I under Art. 204, para. 1 of the Criminal Procedure Code late Friday (July 12th). The judge appointed the appointment on Sunday after investigating the case and in agreement with the prosecutor and the defense counsel.

Seven people, including four Dutch citizens and three Polish citizens, blamed the police on Venturska Street in Bratislava. She announced in the social network on Friday. The accused were escorted to the police chamber for detention. This is done in the so-called super-fast procedure.

To clarify this, the cops want help from everyone who filmed the event on the phone to provide the protocol at the Police Headquarters in Bratislava I on Sasinkova Street. At present, the number of victims and the extent of the damage caused are also identified in the criminal proceedings.

After Wednesday's battle at Ventúrska Street, police detained and detained 107 people, including 51 Bulgarians, 41 Poles and 15 Dutch. According to her, 17 people from the camps were injured.

Bulgarian fans in Slovakia came on Thursday (July 11th) a football match of their team in Ruzomberok. Polish and Dutch fans wanted, according to the police, to break Slovenia's silver match against the Montenegro team.

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