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The Kosice Court in the case of the street battle once again condemned Paskov's brothers and sisters

Kosice County Court has recognized the nephews of the late Parliament Speaker Pavel Pashek as guilty of hooliganism and injuries.

In the case of a street battle in the center of Košíc in November 2015, the district court in Kosice I again acknowledged three brothers Branislav, Maroš and Martin Paškovec as guilty of the crime of hooliganism and the first two for bodily harm. In a physical attack, a young woman and her girlfriend are injured.

Branislav and Maroš Pashek imposed a conditional six-month sentence on the court, and Martin Paszek – a fine of 500 euros. At the same time, he identifies the obligation to pay damages to the injured. The decision is not valid, the defendants and the prosecutor have again appealed to the district court.

The county court on Wednesday confirmed its decision of November 2017, against which both sides appealed. The district court then quashed the decision in May 2018 and returned the case to the first instance court for renegotiation and resolution of the dispute to the required extent. According to him, further evidence and due consideration of the legal qualification of the defendant in relation to the consequences is necessary.

His nephews Paul Pashek

The accused are the nieces of the former president of the National Council of the Slovak Republic, the deceased Pavel Pashek, one of whom – Maroš Paska was a member of the police corps during his actions. All three also said in their last statement that they feel innocent, they refused to testify before the court.

The turbulent struggle between the brothers after the celebration of the birthday and the four koskans, including two women, took place on November 22, 2015, at about 3:30 pm, before the pizza on the main street. Battle, according to the indictment, should avoid the verbal harassment of a young woman from the brethren. According to a friend's video, a woman first brought her from one of the men, after which she was struck by all the brethren. A young woman struggling with her was struck and kicked in her back and head. The conflict broke off with a quick blow from the police patrol.

The worst injuries, according to experts, have been plagued by the wounded Zuzana K., brain rashes and sprain of the spine, with a subsequent disorder of adaptation lasting more than three months.

The murder of John Kuchiak

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