Sunday , June 20 2021

The Mitsubishi ASX also had an even stronger facelift and 4×4 drive

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Tokyo. At the current fast pace of vehicle development, just 10 years ago, the model sticks to production. But some of them are still in place and one such example is the compact SUV Mitsubishi ASX.

It has been on the market since 2009, when more than 1.3 million units were sold and expecting to retire soon or in error. Mitsubishi has created a pretty extensive ASX upgrade for the Geneva Motor Show. This applies to the new design, but also to the technologies, including the engine.

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The new front mask, which is in the spirit of the elder brother of Eclipse Cross, will take the bell. Fog lights are combined with warning lights in the bumper and resemble the Kiu Sportage GT-Line. Headlights have been given LED technology. The new ASX already has a much stronger impression.

Changes in the back were made. A brand new armor with a distinctive silver diffuser and fake grilles on the hips. The shape of the rear lights does not change, but their optics are yes. They also have LED lighting, but the LEDs remain with the classic bulbs. You only know the facelifted bust due to the front of the fenders.

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Of course, there is a new wheel design and a wide range of colors – Red Diamond, Orange Sunshine and Brown Oak.

The interior no longer makes any significant changes, the new center panel and the tunnel between the seats are new. Infotainment Smartphone-link Display Audio has a larger screen and also offers better connectivity to smartphones. The crew does not make the most of the crew thanks to Tom Tom's navigation.

An important change is the addition of a driver's assistant package and, in particular, the introduction of the MIVEC into the MIVEC atmospheric with 150 horsepower Mitsubishi puts in the Outlander. According to the manufacturer, this means that the ASX version of all drive wheels is also available on the front axle.

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