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The tragic year 2019 in Slovan's obedience goes on: Belasy over the poor visit again lost

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BRATISLAVA – Slovan Bratislava players lost to the Mainland hockey league match (KHL) with Belarusian Dinamo Minsk 2: 4 and defeated a series of defeats in ten fights. Slovan no longer has the chance to play in the playoffs. On the Sabbath match of Ondrej Nepel rostruk saw 5289 spectators.

Zervykom coach Vladimir Orshaga with the goals of Maria Lunter and Erica Gellinas managed to turn from 0: 1 to 2: 1, but in the second half of the second part of the race came before the last part played naked. In the third third they did not manage to solve them, Kitarov scored a goal in the empty goal. Slovan did not receive points in the calendar year 2019.

This season Slovan Bratislava played 54 games and scored 27 points. This is the worst team in the whole race. The closest to Slovan will be presented on January 31 on home ice against HK Sochi.

Hockey – Continental Hockey League (KHL) – Saturday:

HC Slavonian – Dinamo Minsk 2: 4 (1: 1, 1: 2, 0: 1)

Goals: 17. Lunter (Buc), 21. É. Gelinas (Chipchura, Klock) – 10. Bloom, 33. Stepanov (Drozdov), 37. Volkov, 59. Kitarov
Shots: 1: 1 in 2 minutes, power play: 0: 0, defeat: 0: 1, decided by: Kuľov, Ovčinnikov – Ivanov, Chernysov (all Russians), 5289 viewers
Slovan Bratislava: Stepanek – Sersen, Janosik, Klok, É. Gelinas, Bachik, Schwarny, Boldicar – Liska, M. Soukel, Red – S. Rau, Tafe, Chipsura – Lamper, Buck, M. Lanter – Baranov, Jaglic, M. Sloboda – Bailey
Minsk: Enroth – Chenkel, Lisovec, Blum, Bokun, Wiercioch, Jevenko – Kogales, A. Tereskenko, S. Kosticyn – Drozdov, Howden, Pulkkinen – Stepanov, Kovyršin, Parfejevec – Litvinov, Volkov, Kitarov

At the start of the first third were somewhat more active guests. First, Tereshchenko did not use Slovan in the game but in the 9th minute he did not miss Blum, who scored by Štěpánek – 0: 1. "Belasi" settled in the 17th minute when, after crossing from Buka found a recipe for the opponent goalkeeper Lunter.

For the second time, Canadian defenders Eric Gellinas defeated the 21st Canadian rostrum in the 21st minute, with his first goal behind Enrot. At 28th minute he disliked M. Sukelya's attempt and Bailey did not come home. In 2: 2 he scored in the 33th minute of Stepanov, struck behind Štěpánka offshore shot of Drozdov. The lightest lead for Dynamo in the 37th minute was the victory over Volkov when he took advantage of Slovan's mistake in the offensive blue line and did not hesitate to win.

In the third year Slovan tried to settle, but the visitors carefully defended and did not allow the rehearsals of the coach Vladimir Orshaga to a chance. At 59 minutes Lamper missed the lead and Enrot shot him. On the contrary, he added the insurance to the empty target of Kitarov.

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