Thursday , August 18 2022

The youngest billionaire billionaire: He denies the sculptures, but … Kylie, this is ridiculous!


"People think I was lying under my knife and my face was completely redecorated. This is utter nonsense. I've never had a sculpture. Some people still do not understand what a proper hairstyle and quality makeup can do. " said in an interview Kylie, whose own cosmetics brand has won millions of tales. The young dog later admitted to using Botox and fillers.

However, looking at her lush breasts and round ass, not only experts agree that these parts of her body have also undergone modifications.

Kylie is currently in Italy where he and his family have a luxury vacation. She did not escape the attention of the tabloid photographers, who enthusiastically perpetuated their unnaturally large ass.

Kylie Jenner boasts a photo of her bikini.

Kylie Jenner

Source: Instagram

According to many, Kylie Jenner also improved her ass.

Kylie Jenner


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