Monday , June 14 2021

There is an improved version of Windows 95 that reminds old good times

In August a great message came up for those who like the old technology. Windows 95 is installed, which can be installed as an application. Several months later, another message appeared saying about the improved version 2.0.

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This time, thank you to the developer Felix Raisberg, who this time introduced Windows 95 into an enhanced versionAgain, old classics can be installed on Windows, Linux and MacOS. If you want a lot of nostalgia, the improved Windows 95 can be downloaded from this connection.

Some of the old game titles are missing Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, A10 Tank Killer or Grand PrixLast but not least, known programs such as Microsoft FrontPage, Netscape 2.0, and FrontPage Server also appear after installation.

Source: Hothardware

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