Wednesday , July 28 2021

Two new parties will arrive at parliament

The current coalition, according to the results of the polls, cannot become a majority in parliament.

The bad fall of direction, the stagnation of most parliamentary parties, the increase in regional heads, but also two new subjects in the National Council. All of this has been demonstrated by Focus's latest November survey of political party preferences.

With 20.9 percent, Direction continues to be the leader of the stairs. Compared to the September survey, however, he suffered almost three percentage points.

The second strongest was the opposition SaS, which gained 12% support in November, 1.5 percent lower than in September.

Extremist LSN with 9.8 percent, Olano with 9.5 percent and Sme families with 8.1 percent remain almost at the same level as early fall.

The second strongest coalition party from the CIS, with an eight percent profit, fell more than one percent during September.

KDH will choose 7.7 percent of respondents in November, which is more than a two percent increase. In Focus, according to Focus, Coalition Most-Hid will also retain 5.9 percent of voter voter shares.

Strangely, the new parties are progressive co-ops and Slovaks. The two subjects surveyed for the first time crossed the five percent threshold needed to enter parliament.

The progressor will support 5.3 percent of respondents, and together get five percent of the votes.

Based on the results of the survey, Smer, SNS and Most-Híd three parties will not have enough votes in parliament. Overall, only 57 members of the National Council will have such results. Most of them need at least 76 parliamentarians.

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