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VIDEO: Coach Ployd went to the Trnava locker room after the match. This is the biggest prize, says Coach Chéu

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Spartak Trnava does not deserve to be relegated to the second round of the European League. The coach of the Bulgarian Locomotive Plovdiv Bruno Akropovich was the player of Spartak, who focused on the dressing room after the match. According to the coach "red-clean" this is a high evaluation of their performance.

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What are your feelings after the match?

I can't exactly describe it. It was the most remarkable victory of my career. We won, but we failed. Today, not only Spartacus fans can be proud of this team, but all football fans in Slovakia. We did not deserve such a double match result. With a bloated program and fewer players, we played better than our opponent. I am proud to be the coach of this team and represent this club.

With the fans, the attitude and the quality we have demonstrated, we can continue beyond our goals. When I say Spartak Trnava, I want people to think about what we have witnessed today. This is the game we want to play at home or outdoors, so we want to introduce ourselves as Spartak Trnava

What is your opinion on Záhumenský's red card?

You know, I'm not an arbitrator and I have to make his decisions. The only thing I can influence is the behavior of my players. There was poor communication at the moment in which we were able to control the ball. But that was not the reason for not moving on to the next round. We took chances, scored goals, but that wasn't enough.

Ten minutes before the end you put on Halilovic. Why?

This part of the game was played down and Halilovic already had a yellow card. At half-time, he told me he needed to play more positively because he felt tired. We played not only against the enemy, but also against physical and fatigue, because we play every three days. We have to think about training and other games. I also wanted to send more offensive power to the pitch so we could kick the balls forward and score.

What about today's atmosphere?

Incredible! On Sunday I want even better! For what the boys put on in the last matches, they certainly deserve it … We have succeeded and want to prove that we have quality. I reiterate to the boys that if we win it's great. But if we lose, fans should feel that we have put everything into it. We breathe a winning mentality into them. We not only play for us, but we also play for fans who have traveled to Bulgaria and Bosnia and deserve it.

The coach of Plovdiv told us that he was in your team locker room after the match. What did you tell the players?

Yes, he was there. You know, if your opponent's coach asks you what he can do in your locker room to greet the players for their game, that means a lot. He said we did not deserve to go out after that show and wished us luck next season. I think he says everything and listens very well. Now we have even more responsibility, but we like it and on Sunday you will see the same commitment as it is today.

The players are definitely mentally broken because they have dropped out of the most attractive competition. How to motivate them now for next season?

I hate going to the dressing room after the game and talking to the players because there is more to the heart than the mind. But today I made an exception and told the boys that I was proud of them. I think they don't have to go far beyond motivation because they play for a big club and for big fans, they fulfill a profession they love, pay on time and have a lot of support. You don't need more motivation. After each victory, the best motivation is to fight for another. Our goal is to have a full stadium at the end of the season because it is much better to play in such an atmosphere.



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