Monday , August 2 2021

Zreľák's goal back to the game: It looked really different yesterday

Trainer Pavel Hapal has made four real changes to his headquarters since his arrival, compared to his predecessor Kozák. Two of them were forced when the injured Lobotka tried to hand Gregus and the young Hancko overshadow Hubocan. On the wing, he finally got more Rusnak and the biggest surprise came in the attack – the tall and experienced Adam Nemca replaced his name Zrelak.

Surprisingly the fans remained, the journalist community was surprised and surprises appeared on the footballer's face itself. "It didn't even look like training yesterday. When I was at the base game on match day, I was surprised, I didn't expect it at all," describe his first feeling Adam Zreľák. He played 82 minutes at the end of the day, with Ďuriš injured. Germany remain on the bench. "Before and after the match, we said it was ours. Even if he played another attacker, I would hope he only won Slovakia and now I will be happy because three points remain at home," he added.

For coach Hapala, Zrelak was the first choice in most cases, and he was given the opportunity at the Twenty-Unit European Championship even though he had just been injured. This was also repeated at the senior level when, after two matches in the German Bundesliga, he soon found himself on the national team. "I want to thank the coach for his trust. I feel good and I think it is a reflection in the playground. Before the match, he told me that I played after a long time, but I was not nervous. I did not receive any pressure. and for all, I am one hundred percent and head clean. I'm glad I scored and helped the team, " the attacker continued.

The first moment can come in 24 minutes, one of the great centers of Hancka, but only near the gate. In 43 minutes, Bero scored a 100% chance, but he still didn't bite the ball, but the ball didn't match perfectly. "I tried to fight there, the players defended a little higher, a lot of battles managed to win. On the first occasion I tried to send a straight ball, unfortunately I wasn't in a better position. We had good chances and we could create more than two goal, " he remembered the first deed.

The beautiful moment came shortly after the start of the second half. In particular, 53 minutes into the match, Rusnakov finished with a shot from the center and scored 3-1 with an important goal. "I saw" Russia "shooting at the gate. I decided whether or not to shoot or close the goalkeeper. At the last second, I decided to have legs and that was great," happy shooter happiness. "That's good. I put the center of the shot on the player's ball, it's perfect. He deserves to score, he does a lot of hard work that other people can't see," he made praise for his team mate Albert Rusnák.

Slovakia - Ukraine (Pavel Hapal, Adam Zreľák)
This rifle is famous for training Hapal from 21-year-old children. (photo: TASR)

The twenty-four-year-old striker could play the whole game, but eventually he wounded the wound on his nose, which blew his blood even in the mix after the match. The last ten minutes ended Michal Ďuriš. "It happened in one contest, I didn't know whether there were elbows or shoulders. When I started bleeding, I started turning my head a little. I preferred to go down. I had cooled it a little, now I feel better," he smiled Zrelák, who believed that Slovakia had begun a new era. "This is the first match under new coaches and hard opponents, League of Nations group winners. We played well, we did not let them play, we pushed, they made mistakes. These are three points that are appropriate. I believe every match will be better and better. I'm glad I can be in this great game. "

The native Stare Ľubovne can be a pillar of the game under helmsman Pavel Hapal. Both believe they will be healthy with the Czechs. The Falcons need a score to be saved in group B from the League of Nations. "No one will play the draw. It will be a derby match, a bumpy match, we each want to win. We do everything to make it, whether we are on the field or supporting our teammates on the bench," he commented simply Zrelák, the memorized also praised. "I'm glad Adam finally got well. It's true that he showed some technical flaws, but again he excelled in the things we wanted to meet. He kept moving great, he didn't let the plug rest. Nabehal, he worked and was finally awarded a goal. very happy with him, " react to post-press press conferences.

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