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5G networks work worse in heat


overheating This is a common occurrence in modern smartphones because they are very powerful processors placed in a small space without proper coolingWe are facing this problem, especially when playing harder games, bigger data transfers, and using devices in strong sunlight. The phone's processor reacts to overheating at a slower operating frequency.

In addition to the above factors, the use of 5G networks should also be considered phone modemAs modems are still at a relatively early stage of development, they consume more battery power and produce more excess heat. When the temperature reaches a critical point, the modem just turns off partially and switches to the 4G network.

Problems with a slightly longer use in warm weather

During testing of 5G networks in the US, Las Vegas, journalists on the PCMag website watched problems with a slightly longer outdoor use, where it was temperature around 30 degrees Celsius, Samsung Galaxy S10 5G was used for testing using the Qualcomm X50. Similar problems are seen in other cities, regardless of the type of base station and operator.

As the picture shows, phones with connectivity to the 5G network require a much larger number of components. Source: Ars Technica.

Problems mainly affect the size of the modem, as the current 5G modems need a separate module for the 4G and 5G networks, making them take up more space in the phone and they produce larger amounts of heatDue to the sensitivity of the 5G signal, it is also necessary to install a large number of antennas, resulting in even greater density of components in the phone. Because the components are more concentrated, better heat is transmitted between them.

Normal overheating may cause overheating or use applications that require a web connection. During the test, it was also noticed that for some operators, the network indicator for the 5G connection remains switched on, although the device actually switched to a 4G network due to overheating, causing further confusion among users.

In good conditions, the gigabit transmission rate can be achieved in the 5G network and the speed up to 10 gigabits per second will be possible with technological improvements. Source: PCMag

Such reports clearly show this It is too early to buy a 5G phoneDevices are more expensive and faster to consume and consume batteries, and 5G infrastructure in Europe practically does not exist or in the development phase.

It's also absurd to buy a 5G phone as an investment for the future as manufacturers issue new models each year. Qualcomm is working on more efficient modems that will be smaller and will not require separate modules for different types of networks.

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