Tuesday , March 21 2023

A smaller house can be ordered via Amazon


Lillevilla Escape is a 10m² house made of spruce that can be made by two adults in one day. According to the description, there must be enough space for the corner or workshop, tool shop and other garden tools. "It can become an office, villa by the lake, a nice guest room, yoga or kiosk," they add to Amazon.

For the assembly of the Lillevilla Escape house, the user does not need many tools, but he warns that the package has no roofing. This should be bought later. "If you want to use the house all year round, isolate it, and if you use it only occasionally, it is enough to isolate the roof.

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Escape from Lilleville (Photo: Amazon)

Consumer ratings are still quite low at the moment, although those who intend to organize a guest room on the plot are quite enthusiastic about the price. Amazon also offers other smaller houses, but they are more expensive.

The online store may have found a trend that Miles decided to buy and build smaller houses that are cheaper and less financially heavy for maintenance. "The millennium will hardly borrow. The smaller houses they offer to Amazon may even be able to buy without the help of the bank, "said the financial media.

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