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Administrative Court: The ban on the Thompson concert in Maribor is illegal


After banning the concert of Croatian singer Mark Perkovic Thompson two years ago in Maribor, the Administrative Court has already ruled that the ban is illegal. The concert organizer predicts that the appearance of the controversial musician will be fulfilled now. Thompson welcomes the court's decision. This means that the procedure is returned to the Maribor administrative unit with the decision.

Thompson's concerts lack utah and neo-Nazism.PHOTO: POP TV

On May 20, 2017, a Croatian singer must appear at the Madrid Hall Festival Marko Perkovic ThompsonThe concert was sold out, but that did not happen. For security reasons. For the first time, the Maribor police filed a request for cancellation of the concert license a few days before the concert at Maribor's administrative unit. They estimate that the consequences that would have arisen if the event occurred during the event were significantly greater than the consequences that would have arisen from the cancellation of the event.

The organizer appeals to the Administrative Court for the withdrawal of the concert license. It is already excluded: the ban on Marc Perkovic's sold out concert at Thompson in Maribor in May 2017 is illegal in all cases. The court's decision is the organizer Milan Trol in your Facebook account. He also announced that he would now organize a new concert, reports ZurnalWe are still waiting for the organizer's comment.

Administrative Court: Hungary will decide again on the concert

For clarification, we also contacted the Administrative Court. They confirmed that their foreign department in Maribor at a Senate meeting on June 11 approved the work of the organizer of the concert. This indicated that the ban was lifted and the case was returned to the Maribor administrative unit in the reopening procedure.

"In the new procedure, the Maribor administration will take into account the expressed views of whether the organizer can hold a concert," they wrote to the Administrative Court.

Thompson congratulated the organizer for perseverance

The decision of the Administrative Court was also welcomed by Thompson, who wrote some details in his decision on his Facebook page. "Everyone has the right to organize public events, events and other gatherings, no one has the right to ban the gathering unless the law says otherwise" cites the court's findings.

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According to the court, the court found that the organizer had done everything required by the law on public collection, and that there was no good reason for a preliminary conclusion that a singer or group of visitors would commit a crime.

At that time, the police based their offer on the information they received that concerts intended to be attended by individuals from an environment where concerts of the same musician or concerts with the intention of imposing and committing criminal acts were banned would be visited by his radical followers from Croatia.

Political debate on the ban

In addition, a Thompson concert sold out in Maribor also sparked a political debate involving the then chair of the Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence and Security. Branko Grimes he called for an emergency session to discuss the reasons for the ban on the concert. Already on the occasion of the event a lot of concerns were raised, including the then mayor Andrei Fištravec and chairman of the National Assembly Milan Brzez,

Croatian prime minister and HDZ president Andrei Plenkovic During his visit to Gospic, he confirmed that he was a Croatian ambassador to Ljubljana Vesna Terzic he asked to check what had happened in Maribor and found the reasons behind the ban on Thompson's concert.

In the past, Thompson's concerts were banned in cities in Switzerland, Austria and the Netherlands, as the singers rated her as a promoter of Utah and Neo-Nazism. His lawyer denies claims that Thompson's concerts are banned in Germany. The lyrics of his poems are glorified by Croatian nationalism and rebellion. In particular, his poem "Jasenovac and Gradska Stara"and the fact that his biggest hit starts with a congratulatory greeting"Ready for home".

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