Wednesday , August 10 2022

After the argument, the bloody fugitive from the block


MURSKA SOBOTA – On Friday, when heavy heat struck the Pomorie Plain, the strong sun seemed to obscure some of the reasons, as the tragedy would have happened in the center of Premouraire capital. Around 14.00 hours, the operational-communication center of the Police Directorate in Moreska Sobota received an emergency call from a woman who said her partner with whom she had started cut her knife down the body and bleed.

"The cops and informed rescuers were sent to help, offered first aid to the injured women, and then they were taken

The block still had bloody traces. PHOTOS: OSTE BACAL

to the hospital in Mursko Sobota. The suspect, a 32-year-old citizen of Northern Macedonia, escaped from the scene, but the police detained him after an intensive campaign and deprived him of his freedom. Because of a suspicion of committing a crime of attempted murder, he will be referred to the investigator at the County Court in Moesa Sobota after all the information gathered. The rate of injuries to women is not yet known, but they are not in dangerous danger, "said the head of the UCS PU Murcia Sobota several hours after the event Deyan Bagari,

Cops and criminals are Macedonians from the Albanian family, aged 32 С. I.held him and took him yesterday to the judge on duty Branka PalatinaHe is in the presence of the district prosecutor Borut Horvat and a 32-year-old lawyer ex officio, lawyer Danilo Hari, detention in custody and for reasons of danger and danger of repetition.

The bloody incident occurred on Friday in a neighborhood in the center of Mursko Sobota and it had long bloody traces. Having witnessed witnesses, a blood woman and a man suddenly came out of the block that escaped. Later, in addition to criminals, police officers and rescuers, the Pomurje Center vehicle also took part in social work because the alleged partner in the dispute was to have a small child.

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