Saturday , July 31 2021

After the illegal crossing of the border, the car was stolen

The police had a lot of work to protect the state border. At least 15 people were traced to the Belo region, crossing the border illegally. The police also reported that after crossing the border, migrants stole a car that police stopped in Rozni dol.

Police officers trace and arrest 14 Afghan citizens and a citizen of Bangladesh in the area of ​​Tanka Gora and Mavrlin, while procedures with foreigners are not over, announced New Place New Place. Pulitzer Ljubljana has reported the arrest of 19 foreigners who have wanted to cross the border illegally and all have applied for international aid. In the area of ​​Ilirska Bistritsa and Kozina, police officers have been treated by 21 people, reporting that two people have already been returned to Croatia and the rest will return after completing the procedures.

On the night of April 24, police stopped a car in the village of Rozni Dol, where there were three foreigners who had previously crossed the border illegally. During the proceedings, they found that after the illegal passage to Črešnjevec Algerian citizens stole a Volkswagen Golf passenger car that contained contact keys and the vehicle was unlocked. Police seized the car and arrested foreigners. They are now awaiting accusations of a vehicle seizure crime and will bring them to the investigator.

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