Monday , September 26 2022

Alves without hair in Leo, you are my friend. But this time he went too far


Daniel Alves's right-wing defender, who a decade ago won all he could win, did not want to be banned from recent events in the South American championship, which was remarked by the Brazilian football team in 12 years.

Although they are with a former team mate from the golden age of Barcelona Lionel Messi a close friend, is a great Brazilian right-wing defender Danny Alveswithout worsening, gave his opinion on the exclusion of Argentina and the subsequent (incorrect) statements after defeating the 3rd place of the South American football championship against Chile.

Remember: Messi, who was provoked by his own opinion of the unjustified exclusion of the third South American football championship against Chile after the match was "blown up" by journalists and emotional speech, he highlighted two things: the South American Football Federation's coronation CONMEBOL, in his opinion, has done everything that the organizer of this competition, after more than a decade, is again pleased to win the prestigious laurel and the strong biased judgment criteria in favor of the Brazilian picked look. Leo's statements disappointed Danny Alves, who, without a tongue of hair, said the following:

Otherwise, Lionel Messi's great friend, from Barcelona's difficult repeatable era, Danny Alves, is a critic of the Argentinian football superstar for disreputable statements to the winner of the last South American championship, Brazil's national team.PHOTO: AP

"A friend is not always right, just because he is your friend. You can say the words Leo made with your hot head, but this time he went too far. First, because it showed a lot of disrespect for the institution. like the Brazilian football team, I see this whole thing, and secondly, it was very unfair to the professionals who struggle and struggle every day to achieve the goals, I am a great friend of Lionel Messi, but that does not mean that I I will give my mind if something is wrong. I repeat, I think in this case I have gone too far.

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