Monday , October 18 2021

Aneta struck Dennis's late mother, but after four years she was also shocked by a former farmer


competitors Aneta and Denis they can not find a common language. The division between them is getting deeper and shows that they can not spend one second at the same table per second so they do not get up and offend one another. Denise called Anette "eel" as she lied that she muttered, but she shook her with a raw statement: "Your mother is deadly, the one who no longer has bone."

Inadequate statement by Aneta, which will most likely exclude him from the audience's show. PHOTO: Pop TV

On this inappropriate remark that made social networks shaken by horror, Dennis managed to crawl, but his nerves returned to him in the next wild gathering with Annette. Then he spit at him.

The riots are becoming stronger and competitors have gone all the boundaries of good taste. Annetta took the dead for the second time. He started first Zdenkinega the late husband and current mother of Denise.

Andrei's Shocking Message

In connection with the indictment, former Denis team mate at the Farm show, Andrei Zaletel: New Start in Social Networking: "Hello, but you do not see what's going on." It was all confused, but Dennis disappointed with his behavior, and on the previous farm he had Leon to lead and calm him, but he learned something here, just a shine and something happened But he has forgotten how he won on the previous farm if he is not happy to be in the arena but he did not even show the duel going and I would not have won the last show if I did not help him with the puzzle. Because in the last two days I was disappointed by my behavior and Aneta Empress, you tell them how to do it … and go to the finals!

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