Wednesday , August 10 2022

At the Gorenjska rider he encountered a cat at night




At night, policemen deal with an unusual road accident between Šenčur and Brnik. At 4:30, the cyclist had to come across a cat. In the event of a collision, the rider has fallen and injured.

The rider was transported to a health facility, the STA Police Directorate explained. As the rider used light, the part of the road was partially illuminated. Since it is a compact residential area, animals often cross the road. The fate of a cat after a collision is not known to police officers.

At the same time, the police advised cyclists to carefully observe traffic and anticipate behavior and eventual development of the road. At night and in low visibility, the lights and reflectors on the wheel are mandatory. Lightweight clothing is also recommended to make it easier for cyclists to spot other road users.

(The image is symbolic) The fate of a cat after a collision is not known to the police.PHOTO: Sutterstock

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