Tuesday , March 21 2023

Auror workers have resigned: "Sorry, we have to say goodbye to this company"


When Bonchana said the job would end in the next 15 days, the inventory will be completed, the warehouses and the storage of the debtor's long-term assets will be cleaned and the business environment will be settled, and on July 30 the workers will come to work.

Bonchana says he does not want to continue as head of bankruptcy proceedings. If necessary, he can summon workers to work and conclude a special fixed-term contract with them for the purpose of selling and buying property.

The company was also represented today by the Employment and Guarantee Fund, which explains to employees, together with the assignee, their obligations in exercising their rights.

"I told them myself how to file their claims and issue licenses to trade unions to declare on their behalf all the claims that will be charged to the employer,"Bunchina said.

Among the employees who finally received the April part of the salary, after landing in the bankruptcy procedure for the third time, only words like "terrible, terrible, disaster", "We are sad because we have worked so many years together, unfortunately we have to say goodbye to this company, we will work until the end of the notice period, then go to every one"said trade unionist Yolanka Horvat.

She wants no one to work in this yard, she says. "Obviously we have no luck, no will, no understanding, for the environment is the way it is. If it were outside Moesa Sobota it would have been possible otherwise, but now it is not,Horvat concluded.

But he is the Secretary of State at the Ministry of EconomyAlessandra Canturuti He recently said that the state is ready to meet if a fourth fire story in Mura arises.

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