Wednesday , September 28 2022

Because of Megan's whims at Wimbledon, the British are shaking their heads


Mughan Mark sat down with his two friends last week at the Wimbledon stands and picked up a lot of dust. This time not with your own fashion but with hats.

Megan She came to support her good friend Sereno Williamsand shooting was not optional. The Vojvodina guards have warned their fans to take away their cameras and cell phones.

The Palace did not comment on its behavior, but the Daily Mail revealed that such a desire was nothing special. "It is often the guards who accompany the members of the royal family to ask people not to photograph them so that people, not cameras, can dedicate themselves."
After the Megan event, critics flew. They were labeled as "childish" and "obsessed by observation". Among those who were warned was the BBC reporter Sally Joneswho tried to grab Serena in the lens and did not even know that Megan was on the platform. The security guard also warned the viewer who stood near Megan and shot the peasant.

As the reporter says, Megan looks around and looks at her. "Harry and Megan are perceived as a star, not as a bloodshed with duties. she also announced the 64th anniversary and added: "There were 200 photographers who shot him, but the guards warned him of an old woman like me, he's a kid, and we're fools of us. Jones says he does not mind the royal family, but the way Megan and Harry deal with the public are becoming more irritating. Started with Archiejevim birth. The public still does not know where and how she gave birth to Megan.

The leader of Vojvodina also participated Pierce Morgan, which says you can not have privacy in Wimbledon. – It's ridiculous and hypocritical. They are not ordinary citizens, they are the Duke and the Duke of Sussex. If you want privacy, go back to the United States.

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