Monday , October 3 2022

Beekeepers have done bearish gratification: even more irritated and frightened


The bear's sago continues. After yesterday they gathered activists against the Bear's family firing at the Zelimlian summit, they wanted to keep bear hunters with hunting rifles and give favor to her and the peasants. Medvedka is even more frightened and annoyed by the noise of the activists.

The bear has subsided, but at worst it can be found near other villages where preventive measures do not serve as local residents at the summit over Jelimle and Gradishte. Therefore, hunters now advise the most cautious about the inhabitants of the surrounding areas.

When it is dark it will happen Mitya Spindler, a member of the intervention group, went into the woods again. Such a departure to the forest is the result of the actions of activists who, with the so-called noisy chain, wanted to give the bear freedom, even more dangerous than past days. As Spindler explains, plunder in a teddy bear causes nerves.

The noise, like sounds of loud speakers and loud music, probably did not stumble in a sleepless sleep, the hunters say.PHOTO: POP TV

The bear always attacks when it is disturbed

This is dangerous because the bear always attacks when it is disturbed. The noise, like sounds of loud speakers and loud music, probably did not stumble in a sleepless sleep, the hunters say. As Spindler explains, this is the worst thing that can happen to the bear to retreat to a new environment where peasants are not yet known as a threat, and the incident happens there.

Like humans, bears also have different characters. Usually, bears protect young people by removing them from danger, but this bear does not escape, but wants to eliminate the danger, ie. human attacks. That is why it is among the conflict specimens, the hunters warn and advise the inhabitants of the surrounding villages.

Hunting bears is extremely demanding

Hunting guard and head of the Hunting and Nature Conservation Institute, Miha Scherl, are also looking for the bear's trail, which takes care of the 34-beekeeping area. He is a very experienced hunter who knows that tracking a bear from the ground can be a death sentence. According to the law, the law states that the bear is hunted with a tall bag in pairs, accompanied by a hunter who has experience in hunting a bear.

That is why the recent law on shooting 175 bears does not give light to other Slovenian hunters. On top of that, they can even risk fining between € 1,000 and € 60,000 if they shoot the bear's wrong weight. As Scherl says, he hears from hunters' friends that they will boycott firing because they are just afraid of punishment.

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