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Body language expert on the relationship between Megan and Harry


According to recent pictures, Megan Mark and Prince Harry have concluded that they are more in love than ever since the birth of their firstborn. According to her, this must be confirmed by their views, smiles and different attitudes of the body.

Prince Harry and Megan Mark must be even more in love with the little Archie's birth than beforePHOTO: Profimedia

Prince robberyand the duchess Megan Markel Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park recently visited the baseball match between rival Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees teams. There were no dark photographers in the greenery that would perpetuate moments of smiling newcomers in the company of famous athletes.Judy Jameswriter and body language expert, analyzed their behavior and facial expressions and concluded that the spouses now, after the arrival of their firstborn Archie, more loving than ever.

You have exchanged long and loving viewsPHOTO: Profimedia

The 37-year-old Duchess and the 34-year-old prince spent most of their time in arms (although this would be inconsistent with the royal protocols), exchanging loving looks and smiling. Harry even put his hand on Megan's shoulder at one point.

At one point, Prince Harry put his hand on Megan's shoulderPHOTO: Profimedia

James commented on their behavior, saying, "They act as young couples in love … Their eye contact is extremely powerful, they hold their hands all the time and are very careful to each other."

Spouses held their hands for most of the timePHOTO: Profimedia

– The glances you give show great mutual respect. Their facial facials are soft and relaxed all the time. Interestingly, Megan did not wear high-heeled shoes because her body and the tendency of her head to his wife showed him the admiration she felt with him. Her hand keeps a little shy … At first glance, they behave like a teenage girl in love,she added to Judy.

Mini is a small prince in the colors of the Boston Red Sox clubPHOTO: Profimedia

At the same time, she pointed out that Prince Harry's attitude confirms his role as an alpha man whose job and duty is to protect and care for his family.

Archie will be able to wear a "little t-shirt" to the New York Yankees clubPHOTO: Profimedia

The royal spouses received gifts from their professional players for their son, which led them to a particularly good mood: and the teams in New York and Boston gave them a small shawl in the colors of their clubs.

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