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Bratuskov from Velovo expects explanations and expects employees to act responsibly

The police are still investigating the damages caused by the official vehicle of the Traffic Safety Agency, which is constantly used by its director, Igor Velov. Since they do not accept traffic accident reports, they treat injuries as an event, so they do not instruct the director to investigate alcoholism. The car is not in working order. Minister Bratushek requests explanations from Vellovo and the Agency and stresses that he expects responsible behavior by the responsible.

On the basis of anonymous information yesterday, the police began investigating vehicle injuries to the Traffic Safety Agency (RIA), which was parked in front of the Strajice post office and which has it permanently Igor Velov, director of the agency. "In case of injuries in the rear of the car, today we confirmed the user's claims that this was an old injury and that the front tire was damaged yesterday,"they explained in Cran's Police Directorate.

How the tire and the rifle became, the police yesterday could not determine. "Similarly, no notification has been received that this vehicle has been involved in a road accident yesterday, or that this damage is related to a road traffic accident, damage to another vehicle or an object which has not been found," they explained in the Cran PU.

As they added, the user yesterday participated with policemen, did not get out of the way. The police interviewed him. But they did not test alcohol abuse: "Since the conditions for an inspection order are not met in case the driver is in motion or if they were a direct participant in a car accident. they highlighted the PU Crane.

Because of all the findings, the police believe that tire damage is an event. "If police officers do not find new circumstances, the event will be marked with official confirmation and the procedure will be completed." explained Gorenjska police officers.

The car in a state of unexplained state, Velov is inaccessible

In the morning, the Citroën C4 vehicle was still parked in front of the post. The car is badly damaged and the right tire is punctured and the rim is curved. Scratches and cracks are also on the rear left side of the vehicle. For them, Velov said yesterday to the police that the trauma is old.

Today Velov does not advertise over the phone. The Traffic Safety Agency explained that the director had been on leave since yesterday. They also confirmed the claims of Velov that the damage to the back of the car is old. "The Insurer was reported as a bad case on 10 May 2014. The damage was assessed and assessed," with AVP. They added that information on new injuries or yesterday's event is still awaited.

Igor Velov does not advertise on calls, the AVP reported that from yesterday on holiday.PHOTO: Miro Muchchen

Bratuskov from Velovo expects explanations

We also addressed the issues to the government and the Minister of Infrastructure Alenko Bratshek, "The Ministry of Infrastructure, with the exception of the media, has no official event information with the Director of the Transport Safety Agency, Minister Alenka Bratushek expects the director to explain as soon as possible the facts about the event you are asking" – they replied.

That is why Bratoskov is already a member of the AVP Council Emilia Placer Cuisine, which is represented by the Ministry of Infrastructure in the World, instructs the agency and its supervisors to provide it "Provide as soon as possible all the information necessary to clarify the circumstances of the alleged road traffic accident",

"Only after receiving all the information on this issue will it be possible to formally comment and take any measures and we would like to emphasize that the Minister has repeatedly stated publicly that traffic safety is one of his priorities and that of all participants in the movement, and especially those who hold responsible positions in the state bodies involved, expect a responsible behavior and work " they stressed at the ministry.

Velova appointed the government as the director of AVP in 2015, and his mandate is five years. Velov is the head of the agency since 2013 when he became a member of the agency. Director.

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