Wednesday , August 10 2022

Child allowances and other social transfers from 1 July 2007


In the next month, all beneficiaries of child allowances and other social transfers will receive higher amounts on their bank accounts. Social transfers are coordinated for the first time since the freezing of the Public Finance Bill (ZUJF) eight years ago.

On Friday, 19 July, the Ministry of Labor, Family, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities (MDDSZ) published a decision in the Official Journal to align social transfers. Such as told the ministry that all transfers increased by 2.4%. To this end, about six million euros are foreseen in the budget. Otherwise, social transfers have not increased since 2011, when the last correction was eight years.

Higher social transfers

Child Support on July 1 is EUR 102.40, and for a child with severe mental illness or a child with physical disability – EUR 204.80. A family with three children will receive 404.48 euros, which is four or more children, and 491.52 euros.

Child benefitsPHOTO: Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia

Birth at birth is € 286.72 and parental benefit is € 258.09. Also, child allowances and scholarships will be higher, both by the state and by Zois, as well as scholarships for vocationally disadvantaged professions.

State ScholarshipPHOTO: Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia

You can read more in the Official Journal.

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