Tuesday , January 26 2021

Churchill "produced" a severed lip for the scenes of battle

Fans of the Corpse series will surely remember the famous quote, so to speak, the first season of the series began: "The best kill is what no one knows is murder." This is the second season before VOYO on August 30!

series The corpse, a fun home-production series that brings us into the world of crime has quickly risen to one of the most popular original VOYO series, so it's no surprise that viewers want more. In this way, the second season will be available very soon – especially on August 30. Producers of the series Sanya Raychevich, Luka Stigl and Sebastian Cloud they say they faced a big challenge before the second season.

The second season of the Corpse series is approaching.PHOTOS: The corpses team

"We always strive to be bigger and better, but of course it is a big challenge. Viewers have expectations and want at least as much as last year, if not more. The second season is a kind of confirmation that you did a good job for the first time and that everyone wants more. That's why this year, we've extended the season from eight to ten episodes, and expanded the cast to add seven new characters, – Sanya confided.

The corpse arrives at VOYO on 30 August. On August 20, you can also watch it on Channel A.

In this way, the second season of the Corpse series will bring us the desire for revenge, the story of missing money and noble motives will again fall victim to impulsive reactions and bad decisions. If they have played in it so far Crt Lipnik, Jan Kok, Jan Hrusovar, Aleksandar Repic, Sanja Raicevic, Edin Latic, Vesna Kuzmic and Robert Prebill, now they come to the series Sasha Doncic, Tina Goreniak, Gorka Bearden, Tibor Baie, Pero Martic and Chorchyp, who is enthusiastic about his role in the series, though he also created a cut lip for overly enthusiastic or realistic fight scenes – but that doesn't stop him and he is even more enthusiastic about the recording work.

When the series came to VOYO, it quickly gained a lot of enthusiastic viewers and everyone agreed that the series was definitely addictive – watching the chain doesn't escape you, they agreed in one voice. So quickly we got to talking to the lovely and smiling actress Vesna Kuzmic, who is already a veteran of the series. The actress, who could also be seen on Love River, is excited to work with the team again. She also told us what was coming next season and how she was catching up with new players. Because in the second season, her character has a new partner, who she thinks is a very patient person, even with tears.

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