Sunday , June 13 2021

Clement Bundella: His injuries are not innocent

What resin.

Leader and singer of radio and television

Klemen Bunderla

in January he had to undergo surgery. In 2017 he bones at his foot, and last year he broke his finger on the same step.

"I had a right foot restoration that caused me a lot of problems in recent years"

Klemen told Žurnal24, adding that he had to give up his cooperation as one of the main players in Madagascar's music.

By the way, four screws are inserted, I have three large wounds and cross the tendons that will keep my leg in the right position. After half a year, I must be able to run again and jump. I'm sick at least until mid-February, or until the pain continues.

Clemen, however, has good news for his fans. He releases the Bad Copy ballad, for which he also records the place.

– Everyone knows me always happy, we go, hot, boy. This time I decided to reveal to you my intimate and peaceful country. I really like to play ballads, I'm easier to abandon, and the interpretation of the song itself is more expressive,

Clemen tells about the decision for a peaceful ballad.

"Like everyone else, I'm looking for a copy of something I think is perfect, the most beautiful, the best. And, of course, as everyone in the search process, I encounter very bad copies of the original that I aspire to, I want to "

adds for the content of the song he wrote



, a good friend of Clemen and a recognized author:

"As Clemen's friend looked at the composition in a different way, I composed it differently – on the one hand it was easier because I know Klemen well but at the same time with a sense of greater responsibility, a friend's responsibility. I wrote a song about him and I believe that this is a song that Clemen shows in a light you do not see very often; as an extremely emotional personality. It's the same as it is.

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