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Coffee really helps to dissolve fat? We checked!


Did you drink the first cup of coffee today? Many of them can not start their day. Drinks we drink to wake up in the morning and stay awake in the afternoon should not only keep clear heads but also have many other positive properties on our body.

Coffee is one of the most studied foods in the world. Regular consumption of coffee in certain quantities is associated with brain health, cardiovascular system, some forms of cancer, skin health, less likely suicide … Recently, scientists also associate it with the melting of excess body fat. A British study, published in the scientific journal Science Reports, suggests that roasted beverages will help us lose weight.

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Great news, is not it? But as everything sounds beautiful and too simple to be true, we decided to check out the dissertation with a dietician, Mays Chepus.

»Roasted coffee also contains acrylamide. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classifies acrylamide in Group 2A, which is likely to be carcinogenic to humans. But scientists have not found the relationship between coffee consumption and the increased risk of cancer, so moderate drinking is considered to be two cups a day for us, "Tsepusheva explains first.

So Weight Loss?

"In the above-mentioned study, scientists focused on the effect of caffeine on brown oil, which ranges from white to the number and size of fatty organelles and the number of mitochondria and capillaries in the cell," the nutritionist said. In this study, coffee was found to be a brown fat activator. The brown fat cell has the ability to consume sugar and fatty organelles for the heat generated (thermogenesis). Zardi these properties are related to weight loss. Up to now, the well known brown fat activator has been known only for the cold. "And the conclusion that we will lose weight by drinking coffee is rather generalized rather than scientific," says Chepusev.

"I can say for sure, as my practice shows: people who drink coffee lose as much success as those who do not drink coffee," continues the nutritionist.

What does this tell us? Coffee has an effect on our body at the cellular level, which can contribute to more efficient use of energy, but many weight loss factors are involved, and weight loss is not possible without weight loss. Mojca Cepuš gives us some examples: limited calorie intake, enough sleep, regular meals, enough minerals and vitamins in the body …

"As always in science, a lot of research needs to be done on this issue before we can say we will fight against the obesity epidemic," says the nutritionist. The problem I see now is that we have very little fat in the body, we do not know how much coffee should have the optimal effect on thermogenesis. Larger amounts increase the effect, or the body just gets used to coffee and the effect disappears, "he asks.

Although a cup of coffee per day still does not provide a perfect fit, we make brown drinks in favor. Coffee is an excellent food because we are hanging around, which is definitely good for general well-being. And if we do not exploit it, but we drink it in memory, it also has some very beneficial effects on our physical body, "concluded Chepeuseva.

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