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Confirmed the controversial law on the financing of private schools


The National Assembly confirmed the proposed changes in the financing of private primary schools.

The National Assembly approved the proposed amendment to the Law on the Organization and Financing of Education and Education, which changes the way of financing private primary schools. For him, 42 MPs voted, 36 against, according to the novel, the state will finance the mandatory part of the public program in private primary schools in full and the extended part of the program will not be funded.

The note states that it shall enter into force 15 days after its publication in the State Gazette and shall apply from 1 September. But the funding, which will be lower than the warnings from private primary schools, will not change immediately. The transitional arrangements foresee that for those who start private schools during the new school year and for those who are already visiting them, funding is not changed until the end of schooling (85% of public funding for both parts of the program ). The new funding method will apply to those who will start private primary schools in the 2020/2021 or later school year.

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Funding for private schools: Parliament has really hot chestnuts at the table

According to previous messages, according to previous messages, they voted in LMŠ, SD, DeSUS and SAB, as well as in Lewica, where two members have not registered the forums. They voted against the UDF, NSi and SNS until they abstained in the vote on the Social Affairs Committee. Minority members voted for.

The lion is revealed just before the vote

In the Left, they will only reveal how they will vote just before the vote. According to the words Michela Cordisha they support the novel because the situation of private schools is not improving. The view is that public funds should only be directed at public schools.

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Financing private education: what is the public program?

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Jernej Pikalo: We will finance this part that we want

Today's debate provided for such a vote that did not lead to a convergence of positions between supporters and opponents of the novel. In it, the UDF, NSI and JCC members warned that the amendment was not in line with the Constitutional Court's decision in 2014, and the MPs, LMŠ, SD, DeSUS and SAB, did not.

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SDS: The law is constitutionally controversial

Tomas Lisek (SDS) stresses that the proposal will reduce funding for private schools and will worsen their situation, thus "because of the ideology of the left political pillar" new discrimination. He pointed out that both the government's Legislative Service and the Legislative and Legal Service of the National Assembly drew attention to the constitutional arguments of the proposal and so far there was no visible lawyer stating that they would comply with the ruling of the Constitutional Court.

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This was announced by Prime Minister Sharets of parents of children in private schools

JMC: The Constitutional Court has said otherwise

according to him Gregor Peric (SMC) is a proposal that is confirmed "far from what you need to do". "If the Constitutional Court says that 85% of what is given to private schools is too small, then we can not agree today on a law that gives even less " "he added Igor Zorcic (COC).

Jozef Horvat (NSi) expressed the conviction that it is not about funding private primary schools, or those of 0.84% ​​of the students they attend, nor about EUR 300 000, which would further hamper the budget, but the problem of the rule of law, "If the legislator can not change a simple article within four and a half years and implement the decisions of the Constitutional Court, then we have a problem with the rule of law" – he said.

In LMŠ, they trust Minister Pical

Aljaz Kovacic (LMŠ) decided that the decision is obviously not as simple and clear as everyone thinks, because "if they were, they would all have the same opinion and the issue would be solved." According to him, LMŠ believes that Education Minister Yernei Piccal is in charge of implementing the amendments to the Constitutional Court's decision and will support him "without bad news".

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A country with a macula over private kindergartens

Masha Cochiper (UBA) has expressed hope that the law will be adopted today and a new constitutional review will be tabled so the Constitutional Court can once again say how to fund private schools. But she asked: "do we really want the Constitutional Court or nine people to decide on the most important social issues",

The Constitutional Court should only decide

Matthew Tonin (NSi) expressed the opposite view that it would be better for the law to fall and then the Constitutional Court will only determine how to implement the decision. They are already considering the proposal for these constitutional judges, he recalled.

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Private kindergartens only for the elite? These are figures.

Member of the Board of Directors Marko Koprivets considers that the proposal is good and follows the decision of the Constitutional Court. "This means that the state has to finance only the mandatory part of the public program while talking about an extended part of the public program, we are talking about something completely different." I am convinced that the extended program should not be financed by the country, especially because we have a wide network from high-quality public schools, – he said.

DeSUS: The proposal is not perfect

"The proposal is not perfect, but we have what we have, so we will support the proposal in the DeSUS Deputy Group," he announced Yuriy Lep,

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