Wednesday , May 18 2022

Croats have already seen an OPEN ROAD to the Champions League, but despite a dreamy start in Zagreb, Dinamo OPEKEL


The first match between Dynamo and the Hungarian club Ferencvaros was played.

If so Maribor eliminated Rosenborg, will qualify for the last round of ranking for Champions League moved with the invoice winner between Dynamo and Ferencváros, Croats and the Hungarians played their first game on Tuesday night after being shown on Maximir however, the guests were much more satisfied. The match ended 1: 1. The dynamo started out incomparably better than it was Danny Olmo struck in the seventh minute. After that, Ferencvaros leveled the field and in the 59th minute equalized with a goal David Sigerja,

For the home team, the entire match was played by a former Maribor football player Peter Stojanovic, in defense, he tried his best from start to finish Miha BlazicWho came home more satisfied, of course, there is no doubt.

Before the first match between the Croatian and Hungarian champions, although there were strong echoes in the Croatian media, they claimed that Dynamo had an open road to the Champions League since its draw in the last round intended for either Maribor or Rosenborg. But first, you'll have to get there. And after the first game, Dynamo is not really showing its best.

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