Sunday , June 4 2023

Denis Avdic had to break off his leave


Broadcaster Denis Avdic walks to Croatia this time to enjoy a well-deserved rest.

He is preparing for the start of the new season of the show Dennis Avdic on radio 1, which will be Denisu, Anji Ramsak and Mihi Dejelaku she joined Yana Morel, returning from maternity leave until the end of August.

Today Dennis has experienced a real shock! Shortly before six in the morning, Anja and Miha knocked at the door of his apartment at Krk and threw him out of bed. The team is obviously so strong that Avdic has slipped out of his apartment from his apartment and the camera has caught him naked, shrill and without! Obviously, Dennis's contempt was not too great, because only a few minutes later we listened to him on a morning program on Radio 1.

What does Dennis Avdic look like in the morning, then look at the video …

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