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Did you blackmail the organizers? That's what Hall and Gasper say!


This is their side of history.

Yesterday the news broke that they King Hall and Gasper Chantel canceled occurrence of TrNOVfest. The organizer of the event, the Center for Slavic Cultures France Preseren, posted on Facebook a message from young musicians stating that they were trying to reach a new deal with new sums. "Unfortunately, the organizers cannot and will not allow them to be blackmailed by raising the fee already agreed upon after the announcement of the program, and will rather seek a suitable replacement." they wrote.

Hall and Gasper explained their side of the story today. "There was information and a message from the organizer of the festival over the last day, who is not only untrue but also offensive to us as individuals," They started recording and explained that so far they have cooperated with all the organizers without major complications and signed contracts. "Even for this and next month, when we have 6 more gigs planned, apart from Trnovfest, no other organizer has encountered a problem signing the contract. In addition, it seems right to offer the same price to everyone, even if theoretically we could win more at some of the larger establishments. However, when signing the contract for Trnovfest, it happened that the organizer did not want to sign it for more than 40 days, citing "broken computer" and expressing his dissatisfaction with our request after signing the contract in style "or you do not really believe that do you want this contract? ". Although the contract was not signed and we did not receive a written confirmation by e-mail, the organizer announced the event and started selling tickets. Who starts selling tickets before they even make a deal with the musician ?! Despite all this situation and even though the organizer threatened to reimburse "the cost of returning tickets and changing the program", we wanted to remain positive and perform the concert, so we invited the organizers again at the beginning of the month to sign the contract and at the same time asked him to in case the contract is not signed by August 4, the event is deleted by the media and social networks. "

"Offers everyone the same price"

Hall and Gasper also say they did not intend to announce the issue publicly, but have no alternative in the given situation. "As regards the allegations of extortion for a higher fee, it must be said that it offers a single price for all the organizers. The same was the case with Trnovfest, where the organizer simultaneously offered an agreement for a certain share of the tickets sold if it exceeded the price offered. In our last attempt and call for a contract, which was also published as an email message on social networks by the organizer, we proposed to set a fixed average value that exceeded the initially proposed minimum agreed price, but one third less than the amount that the organizer would expect from the tickets sold. With all the (un) communication, it is probably understandable that we wanted to have a fixed amount in the contract, even if it was ultimately lower than the agreed share of the tickets sold. "

The young musician says more than the lost revenue, they are hurt by incorrect information released by the organizer, they say. "In an industry full of blackmail from stronger clients (which in most cases is not the case, musicians), we don't want to continue to let them do that. Not to mention professionalism when we post private correspondence, ” they both said and promised they would have a good concert soon.

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