Thursday , July 29 2021

Disinformation began to spread among people, and that happened

In New York, where 390 people were cut off in October last year, the authorities imposed a fine of $ 1,000 on the affected areas of Brooklyn

The Center for Infectious Disease Control (CDC) in the US registered 695 cases of measles in 22 countries this year. This is the highest level since 2000 when this highly infectious disease in the US was practically eradicated, they warned.

Most cases are recorded in New York, where the outbreak is concentrated in the districts of the ultra-orthodox Jewish communities in Brooklyn. Urban authorities have ordered compulsory vaccination there.



Alarming increase: In the first three months of the year, over 110,000 cases were reported

WHO: This is a global threat

The increase in measles infections is a result of the increasing tendency to fight transplantation in rich countries, which the World Health Organization has identified as the greatest threat to global health. People believe in fake news that the vaccine causes various illnesses while children are autism. The CDC recommends vaccination for all persons over one year old, except for those who have had measles because they are immunized.

upgrading of the emergency unit at CCL Ljubljana



Immediately notify your GP and, above all, stay at home

The measles vaccine has been available in the United States since 1960 and is safe and effective, which makes the disease virtually destroyed in 2000, they stress. Disinformation about the vaccine then began to spread among humans, and 667 cases of the disease were listed in 2014.

Since 2000, only three people have died of measles in the United States, due largely to the efficacy of the vaccine. In 1958, when there were no vaccinations, 763,000 patients and 552 deaths were listed. There was no year of death.

The CDC, however, warns people to consider calls for vaccination not only against measles but also against other diseases. In New York, where 390 men have negotiated measles since October last year, authorities have imposed a fine of $ 1,000 for those in affected Brooklyn areas that will not be vaccinated. So far, 12 punishments have been pronounced.

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