Saturday , June 12 2021

Drunk Isolan fell from the boat

IZOLA – If someone has a camera filming the events in the Slovenian sea between Belvedere and the White Rocks in Izola municipality on Thursday at noon, he can shoot the scene as if it were a Hollywood movie. I saw the 42-year-old driver suddenly fall out of the boat and then the boat sailed to Belvedere and beyond to the White Rocks. And he sat down. The only thing that showed that he was still a person a few moments earlier was the loud music coming from the loudspeakers in the cluttered vessel.

The search campaign was canceled at 12.19pm, when the missing man sailed to the port of Isola.

One of the pedestrians noticed this and was rightly afraid that something was wrong with the driver or that he had fallen into the sea and drowned. "At 12.05am, a boat was running between Belvedere and the White Rocks in the municipality of Izola. The person alleged to have disappeared is missing," the website of the Administration of the Republic of Slovenia for Protection and Rescue wrote. Representatives from the Navy, police, the Koper Fire Department and divers at the Koper port immediately became active. The search for the missing boat guide began, but was soon stopped. "The search campaign was canceled at 12.19pm as the missing man was sailing in the marina in Isola," they wrote.

He had 1.19 milligrams of alcohol in the exhaled air.

Yes, it's true. Namely, the wet locals were found on dry land and were soon suspected of being guilty of shipwreck. After talking to him it was confirmed that he was drunk behind the wheel, an alcohol test gave him 1.19 milligrams of alcohol per liter of exhaled air, or 2.47 ppm.

It started shortly before twelve o'clock when a man left the port. He made a few turns and then lost his balance and fell into the sea due to his not quite sober condition. The port master's office issued a payment order.

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