Wednesday , September 28 2022

Eros Ramazotti is separated by a 24-year-old woman


Eros and Maritsa in happier times. Photo: EPA

"Our relationships remain friendly and the love we share is still here, we are respectful and we ask society to respect our inviolability, especially for children" communicated with the couple.

The 55-year-old Ramazotti and at 31 years old Pellegrinellijeva, otherwise a model, have been in contact for ten years. "It was wonderful for ten years, together we created a wonderful family and we were extremely happy. We are calm, it is the decision of both of us. – she said.

The news of the divorce is a big surprise because the couple works happily and exchanges publicly with gentleness. In February, Eros interviewed Marico in an interview with the Si magazine and how marriage is her best choice in life.

Eros and Maritza are married in June 2014, in connection with which a seven-year-old daughter is born today Raffaele Maria and a four-year-old son Gabrio Tuli.

for Ramazzottija this is already the second divorce – after that of the model Michelle Hunniker, with whom they have married four years and have a daughter, 22 years old Aurora Sophie.

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