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Finally, is Bohin becoming a tourist destination, as it deserves? #video

This year's first summer visit to Bochin shows an optimistic picture: the camps are full, there is no shortage of tourists, a new refitted electric ship is put into operation, and the renovated hotel has been brought into the hands of cryptomonitor Damyan Merlak for several days,

Apartments Triglav, Bochin, renovations, 30.5.2019


Millions come to Bohin: If there is no fovsion, it's for all #foto #video

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"The tourists in Bohin invite you with its offer of unspoiled nature, peace, tranquility, with many opportunities for hiking, cycling and water sports in the summer," explains Clemen Langhus, the director of tourism at Bohin, who is proud to say that this season began with a unique electric boat Triglav Flower.

This will not only serve liner shipping but can also be rented for kite or wedding. In Bochin, it comes from the Royal Lake, and 200,000 items were invested in the reconstruction. "Actually, it serves the tourist and tourist offer on the one hand and the public transport on the other, reducing the pressure of road traffic on the lake."


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If they take something somewhere, add on the other side

They want to get as many people as possible from Bohin with public transport, so their goal is to leave their cars out of the lake, organize additional parking spaces in Bochnia Bistritsa and use organized bus transport. "If we take some things somewhere, and on the other side, we add an alternative form of movement to God."

"I'm not just talking about shuttle buses, but also about walking opportunities – because Bochin is actually a destination for walking, using bikes … In short, all this serves the local population and guests to experience this area really well."

The visit to the camp has already doubled since last year

Camp Danica, which is visited by over 70,000 people annually, is also a good place to stay. This year's season will be exceptional, as the number of visits last year compared to last year is more than double, Boschian Mensinger, Chairman of TD Bohinj.

"We have an eco-camp certificate, which is located in the immediate vicinity of Bojinska Bistrica, along the Sava River and the Bistritsa River, so it is extremely well positioned, with great events in the area, about six kilometers from the lake.

It seems that camp experience is really good as guests return to it regularly. "The average length of stay is about three days, mostly for the Dutch and the Germans, the majority of the older generation, and in the summer months families with children," Mensinger adds.

The criptomyler refurbished the renovated hotel at a higher level

Triglav Aparthotel will also contribute to Boichin's tourism, which opens in the green oasis in the heart of the Triglav National Park on Friday, July 19th. The first hotel guests who took the cryptomilion in their hands Damyan Merlak, they arrive on July 21st.

Though rushing to the past, a quick glance through the premises reveals that the new owner of the cryptologist Damian Merlak has turned the service to a higher level. "We have a lot of guests who made a reservation before they started to ruin, these are the guests who have been 25 or 30 years old, these are regular guests, Slovenians who still do not know how to watch and exactly want to be at "surprised," he says Anne Virtic, Marketing Manager Alpinia.

They refurbished everything – from rooms and corridors to reception, and the restaurant was open downstairs. "Compared to what they used to be, they did really real poetry, and the restaurant would be really top-notch, but the offer would be the same as in the neighborhood."

Thus, Aparthotel Triglav looks good week before opening:

Merlak is a controversial entrepreneur Victory Pashnik and his family bought four hotels together. In addition to the Triglav apartments, which he renames to Triglav Aparthotel, also:

– Hotel Zlatorog, which has 43 rooms and is closed from 2011, when the last tenant left it. It is over Lake Bohin and is surrounded by forests;

– Hotel Bochin, standing next to the lake. It has 20 rooms and 34 suites;

– Ski Hotel Vogel, a tall hotel built of wood and stone. It is located next to the upper station of the cable car to Vogel and is only 50 meters from the first ski slopes. Access to the hotel, which has 28 rooms, is possible exclusively with a cable car.

These are predominantly decomposing residential and hotel buildings at excellent locations along Lake Bohin, which have been renovated for years.

Overnight stays were more than doubled

The renovated 27-room hotel will have three stars and will only offer a nightly breakfast, which according to Vitryx will be first class. "Therefore, the price is a little higher than a year ago. What's better than the morning breakfast on this terrace overlooking the lake?"

And prices? "Last year we sold for 70 euros in this hotel in August, which is not enough for such a location, we have raised the double room prices twice more and a little more (laughs) and we will see how the market will respond to that."

But they say they are not targeting small guests, but families, millions, and people looking for active rest. Offer first-class tourist experience.

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