Tuesday , January 26 2021

Flexible Huawei Mate X only available ..

The Huawei Mate X smartphone is expected to go on sale in November.The Huawei Mate X smartphone is expected to go on sale in November.

Pri to Samsung are due to problems, they canceled the launch of their resilient Galaxy Fold smartphone in April this year. The biggest problem with the novelty was the flat folding screen that initially impressed many. For many test users, the screen of the Samsung Fold smartphone was literally broken or cracked. As a result, other manufacturers also forced other manufacturers to temporarily delay the sale of their smartphones, as their products were very likely to experience similar problems.

These include Huawei, which has delayed the availability of its flexible Mate X mobile phone quite a few times. The official launch of novelty sales was postponed this month to November, or just before the start of New Year's purchases. Huawei representatives claim that the reason for the delay is that the company does not want to lose its reputation by presenting a broken phone.

On a foldable smartphone Huawei Mate X, however, will definitely be worth the wait, since it is a special tablet that can be folded up to three times, making it actually a compact smartphone. The hardware of the novelty is intended to be something special, as the flexible screen will extend as much as 20.3 centimeters or 8 inches in stretched mode, while in closed mode the user will have three screens, with two measuring 16.8 centimeters and 6, respectively. , 6 inches and will offer 2480 x 1148 pixel image rendering, one measuring 16.2 centimeters or 6.38 inches and providing image rendering at 2480 x 2200 pixel resolution.

The Huawei Mate X smartphone will be powered by a Kirin 980 mobile processor in conjunction with eight gigabytes of system memory to run the mobile software on an ongoing basis. We'll also find built-in memory with 512 gigabytes of storage, support for the 5G mobile network, and as many as three 40 megapixel digital cameras, 16 megapixels and eight million pixels. Long lasting autonomy will be provided by a 4,500 milliampere-hour battery that can be charged from 0 to 85 percent in a mere 30 minutes.

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