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Former Ziva Vadnov bowl rejoiced her son in the third


Zivad Vadnov, 37, who won the Miss Slovenia title in 2004, rejoices with her husband for the birth of their third child. After the daughter and son, the couple rejoiced in the third other boy. The lovely mother of three entrusts us with her birth experience.

Ziva Vadnov entrusted us with her experience from birth.PHOTOS: Personal archive

The 37-year-oldLive Vadnov won the title of Miss Slovenia in 2004, and on 1 August she was delighted with the arrival of her third child at a maternity hospital in Novo mesto. The son joined the family Nick Liam,

Ziva told us that she always gave birth naturally, without analgesics and with all her births was her husband Ian SimonIn the first two pregnancies they had previously asked for the sex of the baby, and in the third they were surprised.

"The difference between birth is that the third was much faster. My third birth was really great, I still can't believe it. Basically, I gave birth naturally every time without analgesics. I have to admit, a great experience because you remember everything: cry first, at first glance, priceless. Mentally, I was well prepared for the birth, saying that it just had to hurt if the baby wanted to come out (smiling). I would recommend any mother to try to mentally prepare for this because it is much easier then. I focused on breathing, just calmed my body,"Ziva, who was only in the maternity ward for one hour, described the birth attempt on because everything went really fast and without complications.

The family cheered on the kid. She and her husband chose the name Nick Liam.PHOTOS: Personal archive

The baby seemed very fond of her mother's heart since she was born eight days after the appointed time. At the same time, the first baby in August to give birth in a maternity hospital in Novo mesto was entrusted to us by a proud mom.

Why two names?

Ziva and her husband Jan Simon have named their firstborn Dawn Anabel, who is five years old. But her brother followed Jean Alex, who recently completed two years. Because even the youngest member of the family has two names – Nick Liam, Sympathizer Ziva explains why:

"Little is betrayed by the spouse. My husband's family gave my two children two names, so my husband also has two names (op. A., Jan Simon), and I liked that. When my husband and I talked, if children ever want to live abroad in the future, they have the choice to use a Slovenian name and another that will not be distorted abroad."

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