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four children without hot water


DEDNJA VAS – Maria Twilight by Dedna vas in the Brežice municipality, with his family, does not think about how to send children to a holiday at sea during those summer days but deals with solving a very basic issue. How to give them the opportunity to wash with warm water in the bathroom at home. The money, at least in physical form, only needs to buy the most ordinary everyday stuff, but there is no boiler that is broken. "If I have not put the taste down, I will even have a flood," the interlocutor told us.

"We spend 200 euros in social assistance" when talking about money, Clarakova is clear, and then, when asked in more detail, what are the children's reports for all four young children, but he says that these 450 euros, they stand together, do not get money. In fact, the Center for Social Work in Břežice is constantly on it. And then, as she claims, not by her fault, she has received for a few hundred euros a bill for electricity. This is done by the CSD, which has taken control of the resources devoted to children.

Mojca Volčanjk Lipar from a CSD branch in Posava told us that Twilight for herself and her family exercises her rights from public funds and receives them in accordance with the law. »According to Art. 38 of ZSVarPre, because of the irrational spending of money, after the final decision is paid monetary social assistance. material form, "says Wolfan Lipar. He adds that as of May this year the purchase of basic consumer goods is paid by the Center for Social Work, based on the order form after the bill is issued.

Only through orders

The kitchen and other facilities require a complete renovation.

Money can only be received by orders sent directly by the CSD. Thus children can get clothes, food and anything else. But your partner is very disturbed. "I have to have money to buy clothes for my children. I can not pay with orders all the time. I tell you it's a little awkward for me when I come to the store with them. I can only buy the amount of the order form. If I get one thing for less, I have to buy something else up to a certain amount, "explains the mother of the four children I would most like to run on my own. As she said, she does not even want to buy the things she bought by ordering a purchase at one of the shops in Brezice, so Brežiški CSD does not pay her.

They are currently without hot water.

Since she had no money, she could not repair the boiler at night or buy a new one. "When I told the Center for the Study of Democracy that we had to change the boiler and reorganize the plant so we could connect a new one, the social worker told me that the water for the baby shower and we could get ready for the stove," recalls the CSD. "Four children have to swim in the cold," says Emmaur. To our question, can the Center for the Study of Democracy also fail to help with the order form, but responds that yes, but "I have to go and buy it and then they will return the money." "How, if I have only 200 euros of social assistance a month?" So she had to find her own, so she bought an old boiler, but CSD, as he says, did not agree.

"Now I would like to take baby bonuses again to buy a new one, even buying a used one that is almost like a new one. The Center for the Study of Democracy said that it should be new from the store, even if it was used cheaper, "the interviewer explained a few days after visiting the phone. Still, they still do not have a connected boiler because they have no money to repair their hoses. "We did not edit anything, we used, but we have no connection." Without a warm water, they are about a month old.

Cash would have come very well with her when she was supposed to be the youngest 10-year-old son Simon, to take special therapies in different places in the country. The boy has a broken arm because of the damage to the pleural pleurisy. In her room she shares with her 14-year-old sister SabinoHe showed us how he worked hard at home in his special exercises to strengthen his arm and achieve balance.

Moisture in every corner

There is a dish in every corner of the kitchen.

The house where the Sumark family lives requires complete reconstruction. In the kitchen, the mold hits her in every corner. There is nothing better either in the bathroom, a little better in the room where two children sleep. For this, of course, one of their greatest wishes is to renovate the house. Together with € 200 in damages for men, this is almost impossible at this time. Children, also 12 years old Appropriate and three years older GregorThis summer will spend the summer on the farm. Otherwise they will jump into the smaller pool that was given to them by Mary's friend.

For the Twilight family we have already written two times in Novica in recent years. For the first time in three years, when Mary's 16-year-old son died AlesClimb the tree along the cliff road, just a few hundred meters from the Roma settlement of Trdinova in Shentnernai. Besides, there was a girlfriend who was badly injured. In February last year, however, the Twilight Emergency Service attacked the arrival of inspectors from the Food Safety, Veterinary and Plant Protection Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia at their mansion in Deddy. They took four dogs because they were neglected. Mary said the dogs had thieves for thieves, for example, sheep and ducks had disappeared from a closed house, for example.

So Simon showed us what exercises he should do.

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