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Seoul, Korea – August 6, 2019 – Samsung Electronics unveils the Galaxy Watch Active2 smart watch, the latest device in the Galaxy smart watch portfolio. Galaxy Watch Active2 includes the latest intuitive and sophisticated features to suit different consumer lifestyles. Innovative features improve health and well-being while allowing consumers to live an even more connected life.

Smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active2 enables users to live better – from achieving healthy goals, including sleep, sports and stress management, to performing tasks effectively. Whether you want to take the time to meditate or stay informed of any update, Galaxy Watch Active2 complements your lifestyle and takes care of what matters most to you.

"The smartwatch market is growing rapidly and we at Samsung are proud to expand our smartwatch portfolio with new innovations," said DJ Koh, President and CEO of IT and Mobile Communications at Samsung Electronics. "With Galaxy Watch Active2, we have created a device that will allow consumers to control their health and well-being while providing an exclusive connection between the devices of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem, further improving the daily lives of consumers."

Specialized design to fit your life
The Galaxy Watch Active2 has an exceptional design that is both sophisticated and personalized so it fits even more into your lifestyle. The Galaxy Watch Active2 comes in two different sizes – 44mm and 40mm diameter – and in two styles – lightweight rubber strap and premium stainless steel with leather strap. Smartwatch can be customized with a variety of elegant straps and dials.

Smartwatch Galaxy Watch Active2 enables virtual rotation around the screen, making it easier to navigate with an even larger screen. With its beautifully curved Super AMOLED display, the Galaxy Watch Active2 allows you to virtually rotate the screen both clockwise and counterclockwise – allowing users to easily choose from their favorite applications. In addition, the updated One UI provides a simple, clear and natural user experience for navigation.

Galaxy Watch Active2 can be further customized to your style with My Style[1], an algorithm for perfectly combining your style with your smart watch. The algorithm is available in the Galaxy Wearable app – you can easily capture a snapshot of your clothes, choose from five different color patterns, and change your watch in seconds. You can change the look of your watch every day or keep your favorite style and use it later.

The perfect companion for achieving your goals
Galaxy Watch Active2 also serves as a guide to improving your health and well-being by providing in-depth analysis to help you achieve positive eating habits, sports, mental health, sleep and more.

For example, in sports activities, the Samsung Galaxy Watch2 can track more than 39 activities, with seven monitoring being triggered automatically – including running, walking, cycling, swimming, using a rowing device, using elliptical and dynamic sports activities. With an updated treadmill, you can monitor your running speed in real time and enjoy seven different running programs that will help you achieve your goals more easily. Galaxy Watch Active2 is on
on the contrary, also new innovative health monitoring sensors for faster reporting so you always have an idea of ​​the data and improve your sports activity.

Expand your connected lifestyle
Galaxy Watch Active2 helps you maintain your lifestyle and connectivity. Galaxy Watch Active2 with LTE connectivity allows you to make and receive calls for only an hour while accessing social networks with one click. You can now reply to a social media post or watch a short video directly on your wrist. You can also travel with greater confidence as the Galaxy Watch Active2 supports the convenient voice and text translation of
Real time in over 16 languages. [2]

Part of the Galaxy ecosystem
Galaxy Watch Active2 incorporates the best of the Samsung Galaxy ecosystem. When the Galaxy Watch Active2 is connected to your Galaxy smartphone, for example, you can use the smartphone to control the camera on your phone – you can capture a recording, switch between cameras, and view the preview of the recording. You can also use the wireless sharing feature of your Galaxy smartphone and charge the smartphone intuitively.

In addition, all Samsung services provided with the Galaxy ecosystem – such as Samsung Health and SmartThings – are seamlessly integrated with your watch and your devices.

[1] My Style is only available on Galaxy / Android smartphones.
[2] Supported by a third party application from the Galaxy Store. Presentation – Arabic, Chinese, Danish, English, Finnish, French, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Vietnamese


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