Monday , October 3 2022

Gasoline will rise by 1.4 cents per liter, diesel fuel 1.9 cents




Prices of regulated fuels, unleaded 95-octane gasoline and diesel fuel will increase in gas stations outside the intersection of highways and high-speed roads at midnight. Gasoline will increase by 1.4 cents to 1291 euros per liter and diesel by 1.9 cents to 1,234 euros per liter.

The gasoline will rise by 1.4 cents, which means you will now have to pay € 1,291 per liter and diesel will increase by 1.9 cents to € 1,234 per liter.

Oil traders set prices for 100-octane gasoline and fuel oil and 95-octane gasoline and diesel fuel at motorway and expressway gas stations. Otherwise, gasoline prices with 95-octane and diesel are regulated.

They are determined in accordance with the Ordinance on the pricing of certain petroleum products every 14 days based on the methodology based on the movement of oil prices on the world market and the movement of the dollar-euro exchange rate. The bio-component is also taken into account when calculating the model price.

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