Monday , October 3 2022

Gee! Domgele could have been taken much more


Football players in Dojale played against Malmö in the first round of qualifying for the European League. Equality will be on Thursday in Sweden.

Domzale – Malmö 2: 2 (1: 1)

Domžale – sports park, 2043 spectators, judges: Fabbrri, Pereti and Valeriani (all over Italy).
Arsenal: 1: 0 Nicholson (36th), 1: 1 Bengtson (42th), 2: 1 Gunnets Cherin (48th), 2: 2 Antononson (52nd).
Domžale: Sorčan, Dobrovoljc, Klemenčič, Sikoshek, Ćorluka, Käit, Gnezda Cerin, Mujan (from 89. Šoštarič Karič), Ibričić (from 90. Ilich), Vuk (from 38. Podlogar), Nicholson.
Malmö: Dalin, Safari, Bengtson, L. Nielsen (from 80. Bruxelles), Lewicki, Riesch (from 68. Knudsen), Christiansen, Bachiro, Berget, Rosenberg, Antonsson (from 77. Molin).
Yellow Card: Dobrovolz.
Red card: /.

Domžale's players played the first part of the Malmö match after eliminating Maltese Balazan who in the first round eliminated Ballymeno United from 11: 0. The hosts showed that they could co-operate with the Swedish team's leading team (they also had twice more photos), but nevertheless came to valuable hits in the guests, which puts him in the role of a favorite in front of the return account. The winner of the match will play in Round 3 with a better charge than Dutch Utrecht and Zrinski from Bosnia and Herzegovina. The first game ended 1: 1.

In the first half of Domzale were a bit more specific than competitors in northern Europe. Shamar Nicholson tried unsuccessfully in the 12th minute after 17 minutes, Adam Gnezda Cherin did not beat the goal-keeper in one-on-one but the same player was inexperienced with a 20-meter lead in the 24th minute.

At 36 minutes, Simon Selene's selectors, who had to replace Slobodan Vuk in the 38th minute, still found the way to the net. After giving Senijad Ibričić, the corner was before the most loyal Nicholson, who scored 1-0.

But the government lasted only six minutes after Malmö returned with the same amount. Rasmus Bengtsson's head was hit by a shot from the corner of Safari Behranga.

The second half started at the request of the hosts, who after a double pass from Nicholson and Gnezde Cherin again took the lead. As in the first half, they did not last for long. Almost four minutes later, Marcus Antonson recoiled after putting him close to giving him a right.

Meanwhile, it is dangerous again, but far too high, by 18-meter Nests Cherin. Matej Podlogar had a chance to take the lead after 73 minutes, but Gnezde Čerin made a great save, tipping it to a goal.

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