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Grace Jones in the new relationship: She came, saw, gave up


In her autobiography in 2015, Grace Jones said that in the 1980s, producers had worked hard to hire her as slavery, as pop and rock-friendly hotels expanded her audience. Originally, she had to take the lead role in Octopussy, but ultimately did not "dare" to have dark actresses as central antagonists. Instead, she had a slightly smaller role in A View to A Kill two years later. Photo: IMDb

The 71-year-old diva, who was in slavery in 1985 View of murder played an anthology of May Day, Christopher Walken's assistant, was offended and stepped out of a new movie scene when he learned how small the copies were given to him by the screenwriters.

Tabloids have eternally "noisy divine"
For the British tabloid The Sun, the unnamed source commented: "Grace's return to the franchise 007 should be a moment for the crowd, and the producers are glad they were given it. He expected a bigger role and took an episodic role as an insult. She was expelled faster than martinis.

For Grace to appear in the new wedding, we can read in the tabloids for the first time in April when she says she will appear on stage with Daniel Craig.

The unfortunate event is only the latest in a series of problems that trigger the production of the Bond 25 contactless: earlier this month, the team launched an unpredictable explosion at the scene. He triggered the failed stunt point that destroyed part of the roof and several wall panels, and one man was also injured.

Last month, even the record had to be postponed a bit, as 51-year-old Craig had so badly damaged the ankle's connections at the time he needed surgery.

The central evil will be Rami Malek. The original director, Danny Boyle, seems to have seen Tomas Kota as a villain who recently starred in Paul Pavlikowski's Cold War, also mentioned as a possible cause of conflict between the director and the producer. Malek, who, as he remembered in a thank-you speech when Oscar raised, is the son of Egypt immigrants after losing his 24th-season experience, dismisses roles that represent actors from the Arab world in a negative light. Photo: Reuters

The first hurdle was the replacement of the director
The original sin of production was also his biggest calvary: in August last year, the previous director Danny Boyle, who with his studios could not reach consensus on the script. He changed it Cary Fukunaga, which the yellow media did not write too positively: there were even reports of a "rebellion" to the shooting team because Fukunaga did not have to go to work and prefers to play games on his PlayStation.

The world will be resolved before Rami Malek
Despite the chaotic conditions in production, the premiere of the film is still scheduled for April 3 next year.

Daniel Craig, who should be the first to introduce this time James Bond – although he had previously said this movie "better to cut your veins than to return to this role" – they will appear in the movie Ralph Fiennes, Lea Seidou, Ben Wieshaw, Naomi Harris and Jeffrey Wrightand they will join them Rami Malek as a central antagonist.

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