Wednesday , September 28 2022

Gregor Trebuchak donated over 35-year-old placenta to his daughter




Recently Gregor and Urša Trebušak greeted their first child. A girl named Lily approached the world, but now the daughter was already looking at the safe hugging of her home. She was 35 years old, carefully crafted, placenta.

A sympathetic leader of the "World on Channel A" Gregor Trebuchak and his wife, journalist of the 24-hour broadcast, Urša Trebušak recently became parents for the first time. Before arriving a bit lilies are starting to rest on the Croatian coast, but now they have already brought a new family member from the foster home.

Newborn parents are reported in 2014 after three years of association and have rarely shared their pictures on social networks since then. That's why we do not know whether they will ever post a picture a bit, but Gregor posted a picture of a child in Instagram 35 years ago. She lies in her bed in the bed where his daughter will sleep now. "It was just over 35 years ago … since then I have grown up and the placenta has remained the same and now plays the same role for many years … wrote and in addition welcomed Lilia in a new joint home.

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Under the photo he also congratulated the sports journalist for 24 hours, Sanya Modrich,

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