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He had broken Messi's record and had now found it in Stoke City


Not many young players have earned the label "new Messi" because of their talent. One of those who failed to justify such a title is Bojan Krukic. The former Spanish national team, whose career has been marked by injuries, has suffered a new blow today. Twelve years after debuting as a youngster in Barcelona's history against Seville, he was grateful for his participation in Stoke City.

Bojan Krkic At the age of 17 and 19 days, he recorded his first appearance for Barcelona in a match against Osasuna. He replaced Giovanni dos Santos in the 78th minute, broke Lionel Messi's record and made his youngest debut in the history of Catalan pride. Just three days later, in the 88th minute, he entered the Champions League game against Lyon and became the youngest player in Barcelona to play in this race. In October, as the youngest in history to score a first-team goal, and in April the following year, he also scored against Schalke in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. He almost missed becoming the youngest debutant in the Spanish national team, but he Luis Aragones did not offer an opportunity in a friendly match with France. The new star seemed to be born, and Barcelona had a new gem in their hands.

Bojan Krkic scored 16 goals in 85 games for Stoke.PHOTOS: AP

When Zlatan Ibrahimovic left for Milan in August 2010, Kricic put on his back a number nine T-shirt, worn by Barcelona players like Samuel Eto, Patrick Kluivert, Ronaldo, Hristo Stoichkov, David Villa and club legend Cesar Rodriguez, The Spaniard of Serbian roots has never achieved the successes of the aforementioned seven, and it is perhaps the weight of the T-shirt that is responsible for the occurrence of personal problems. Krkic, in addition to his injuries, suffered from anxiety attacks, as revealed in an interview with the British The Guardian he had no real ear for his problems."Anxiety affects everyone differently. I felt extremely bad about myself, had dizziness, wanted to isolate myself. I felt some unknown pressure, but I couldn't do anything. Too bad the doctors had to take care of me." Krukic remembers the first serious attack. The Aragonese may not have understood the clarity of the situation, but the "new Messi" was on the list for the 2008 European Championships. "They didn't want to find out, even though everyone knew about my condition. They were pressuring me to go, but I needed peace, I was drinking medicine. I couldn't help the national team. When I saw the headlines the next day," Bojan denied in the national team: "I felt betrayed and disappointed. I was sick, but there was no hearing about my problems."

After leaving Barcelona, ​​the route took him to Roma, Milan and Ajax, in 2014 he crossed Stoke City. He later borrowed it from Mainz and Alaves, and Krukic never again reached the level of performances he showed in Barcelona. He won the Spanish Championship four times, twice the Champions League, and with Spain he is the world champion. He has scored in Spanish, Italian, Dutch and German championships, but just like strokes and breathtaking moves, his football is marked by injuries. As a result, Krkić missed 367 days or 79 games. Now he was grateful for the cooperation at Stoke City. At 28, he is a former super talent without a club, but there is no shortage of those who still believe in him. He is ready to continue his career in Canada with the Montreal team. "I love football and no one can take it from me. I am proud of my career, what I have experienced, what I have achieved. Although there were many moments I wanted to forget, I remained true to myself. I am still young. I still have a lot of football in front of me. " in spite of all the accidents, the optimist Bojan Krukic.

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