Wednesday , August 10 2022

He jumped to 11 places


Huawei continues its long-standing upswing in the well-known list of Fortune 500's most successful companies. This year, it ranked 61th, compared with last year's jump of 11 cities and even more impressive 68 locations compared to the previous year.

In the Fortune 500 list, the most successful companies are ranked according to their earnings and profits compared to similar lists, but the focus is also on the size of the companies. The Fortune 500 has become an important starting point for companies in terms of their advantages, size and international competitiveness. It is also considered to be one of the parameters of the global economy that goes beyond borders and national and cultural differences.

Huawei's increase is more than worthwhile as the company reports a 22% increase in revenue per year and a 27.5% increase in profits. However, Huawei's performance exceeds its profitability.

"Our ongoing climb of the Fortune 500 is another important milestone for our company's success in 2019," said Richard Ju, CEO of Huawei Consumer BG. "Our commitment to delivering the latest technology to our customers, with an emphasis on innovation that we achieve through continued R & D investment, has made us achieve success."

Huawei also ranked 47th in Brandz this year. To a great extent, exceptional ranking is due to exceptional products such as the advanced Huawei P30 camera, unparalleled technological innovation in the Huawei Mate X-compatible phone and Huawei Mate 20 X (5G) performance.

Consumers are always the first

Huawei is thus widespread in many areas of technological development, but first of all, it always places its customers. So recently announced the Huawei InFocus 2019 competition to open the door to the enthusiastic enthusiasts of photography and show that there are many undetected beautiful places in the world that we find if we look around a bit.

Thanks to the advancement of smartphones, high quality pictures are no longer a privilege for professional photographers with highly specialized photographic techniques. Photography is much more flexible and one can become a photographer at any given time thanks to a smartphone. The InFocus competition is designed for all users of Huawei devices who can present their photographic or video materials through the race website and the winners are waiting for very attractive prizes.

Huawei has also prepared a special benefit for new customers on their P30 series phones. He has offered them a comprehensive Huawei maintenance warranty that will take care of their devices if an unforeseen emergency occurs. All P30 customers who purchase the phone from July 10th to July 31st, 2019 will also benefit from the benefits and register it at the same time in the HiCare app. During the period of validity of the benefit, users are entitled to a free one-time warranty replacement of a broken or damaged display and / or back of the page due to accidental release, impact or compression in normal use.

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