Sunday , June 4 2023

He was so wounded that he died at the scene


The 29-year-old was found in a gully at the Cold Summit.

High in the hill above Camp Gabrie near Tolmin, a parachute crashed on Thursday. A 29-year-old Polish man was found by mountain rescuers today in the ravine of Mount Mrzli after an extensive search campaign. He fell so badly in the fall that he died at the scene, Novosti police said today.

Novograd police officers were notified of the crash of a glider that crashed high in the hill above Gabrie camp near Tolmin on Thursday afternoon. Immediately after that, a rescue operation began. It is revealed that the 29-year-old Pole has been taken down and has already been missed by his friends.

A helicopter is also included

Despite widespread demand, they did not find the missing one. The search was interrupted for the night and continued this morning when, in addition to the mountain rescuers, they also included a helicopter. Due to difficult terrain, mountain rescuers were transported by helicopter closer to the crash site.

Around 10am, mountain rescuers were found in the ravine of the Cold Peak of the parachutist. They found that he was so early in the fall that he died on the spot. Police blame the other's fault, they said.

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