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Heavy noise for Obradovic and two for Prepelic

CSKA Moscow, which defeated Real Madrid in the near rapprochement of 95-90, and Anadolu Efes are the finalists of this year's Euroleague Basketball Final Tournament in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. The real defeat of the laurel ended in the semi-finals in which he showed up without the help of Clemen Prepelic, who stayed on the field. Anadolu Efes beat Fenerbahce Zeljko Obradovic in the tournament semifinal with 92:73. The match for third place and final will be on Sunday.

Coach Reala Pablo Laso before the semi-finals disappointed the only remaining Slovenian basketball player to hunt for European laurels this season Clemen Damn it and one of the golden heroes of the European Championship 2017 announced that he would not rely on him in the semi-final. The experienced Slovenian basketball player saw the game with a rostrum and there saw a dramatic final of the match, in which the Madrid players dropped their lead and finished the defense of the European title, which they won last year on the wings. Luc DontchicIn Real, he was playing an American with a Slovenian passport that helped Slovenia take the European title, Anthony Randolphand scored 22 points in 22 minutes and gathered five jumps. With the winners he shone Nanda De Colo, which reached 23 points.

Zeljko Obradovic, who scattered his tenth European title with Fenerbahce, was eliminated.

Zeljko Obradovic, who scattered his tenth European title with Fenerbahce, was eliminated.
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Legendary Serbian without a tenth European title

Zeljko ObradovicThe most successful European basketball coach remains without the 10th title of the European champion, and Fenerbahçe against a rival from the Turkish League has a bold hat. Fenerbahçe won the first quarter and then took over the hands of the basketball players Anadolu Efes and eventually won high. He was the best player in the game Shane Larkinwho scored 30 points for Anadolu Efes, with seven more rebounds and seven assists.

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She thinks the same thing in the same way as in 2017

Euroleague, semifinal:

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The final ticket for the Euroleague tournament was won by Efes basketball players

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Once he was watching him in lace, and now he was attacked by #video

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He did not decide on the basket, but the exclusive #video protection

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