Sunday , July 3 2022

Heidi Klum is proud to be Mrs. Kaulitz


Model Heidi Klum and Tom Kaulitz entered the marriage home twice. If the media had written about the wedding so far past the married couple, now the freshly baked celebrity is also commenting on her wedding.

46 year old model Heidi Klumand a 29-year-old German musician Tom Cowlitz for the second time this year, they promised eternal loyalty. This time they married in Capri, where they also held a lavish party with family members and good friends. The freshly baked spouses did not publicly display the second wedding, but the paparazzi still managed to get some details from the wedding.

But now the fans have finally reached out to Heidi. She posts their wedding kiss on her Instagram account and her fans can see her luxurious wedding dress. The superstar also wrote that she has become Mrs. Kaulitz.

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The couple got engaged on Christmas Eve, in February, in California, they had their first, very secret wedding, and this time they decided to marry a legendary luxury ship called Christina O. The ship was once owned by the shipyardAristotle Onassis and his wife Jackie O., the widow of the slain By John F. Kennedy,

For the mannequin, this is the third law, and for the last engagement it is for People magazine said her chosen one is an extremely hearty person. The wedding ceremony was also attended by her nine-year-old children Lou Sulola Samuel, 12 years old Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel, 14 years old Henry Guenther Ademola Dashtu Samuel and a 15-year-old Ellen Boshoven Samuel,

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